Improve The Communication In And Outside Of Your Business

Improve The Communication In And Outside Of Your Business

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With so many businesses popping up and falling apart on a regular basis, it’s now more important than ever to make sure all aspects of a business are strong. One of the main factors that can cause problems is communication. Whether that’s inside with your employees or outside with your customers, having communication is key. So how can you improve it? Here are a few ways to do just that!

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Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media really has dominated a lot of our lives whether that’s in work or in our personal time. We use it for pretty much everything, including reading the news and following those we are inspired by and liking what they’ve had for their breakfast that they Instagram’d. For any business, it’s important that social media is being utilised to not only promote the business but to give your customers the opportunity to see what you’re up to and to get in touch. Start off by creating a website if you haven’t already and invest in a quality web design that’s easy to navigate. Have all the available contact details for your company so that anyone can reach you easily in a variety of ways, whether that’s by phone, email or good old fashioned post.

Don’t forget to set up a few social media profiles, figure out which social media platform works for you and then utilise it grow your brand on a global scale.

Reply To Your Customers

Which leads us into replying to your customers. There’s nothing worse for a customer than being ignored. When they part with their cash, they want to be able to get as much back in return as you can possibly give them. The least they expect is to be able to communicate with you effectively. Ignoring the customer isn’t going to help the complaint or issue they’re having, it’s only going to make things worse. Word of mouth is forever going to be the most prominent of advertising, so it’s important to listen to your customers and help them as best you can. Yes being tweeted or letting comments appear in a Facebook post might sometimes be tricky but if you’re seen to be helping by replying, this will be seen by everyone. And it shows you care for your customers!

Use The Right Software

Communication within an organisation isn’t always crystal clear, especially within and across departments. So taking advantage of technology, there are plenty of platforms like CoSchedule, that enable a team to all use one space to set tasks, events and plan weekly and monthly calendars. This will help everyone stay on the right page and ensures that very few wires are crossed. It’s also a great way of monitoring each other’s performance so that if there are individuals who are perhaps pulling less weight than others, it can be recognised and addressed through one on one meetings.

Plan Regular Social Events

Not everything has to be work-related and regular social events can really help colleagues bond with one another on a more friendly and personal level, than just professionally. There are likely to be clicks within a company or certain members of staff that others might not get along with as much, but these social events can at least help with that. Whether it’s a weekly event such as an afternoon tea break or a monthly night out, these events will be something that employees will cherish and make memories. You want your staff to be happy because when they’re happy, work productivity will be at it’s best. These social events are a good way of encouraging that but also to build relationships between staff, especially between departments.

Open And Welcoming Managers

When staff may be having an issue at work, it can be both upsetting and frustrating to have a manager who isn’t approachable. Therefore, there’s a lack of communication which can effectively lead to that individual leaving the company sooner than planned. There are plenty of ways to build a manager’s approachability even if they hold a position of authority. Why not consider training sessions or encouraging managers to have monthly meetings with each staff member to discuss their role and how they’re doing. Any of the above will help strengthen communication between the manager and the employees whom they manage.

Improving communication is something all businesses should be doing, and it will only help grow and strengthen the company going forward. So why not try some of these tips today?

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