Interview With James Kies of Live Voting App

Interview With James Kies of Live Voting App

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I recently had the pleasure to meet James Kies who is the creator of the Live Voting App¬†which is a software package that helps to increase student-presenter engagement in any kind of presentation setting. James is a speaker and a coach. As James was presenting to large audiences he realized that there was a need for the speaker to have a better sense of what the audience’s experience is really like. This prompted James to sit down and build his live voting app product that we discuss in the interview.

The kind of live voting software James created can be categorized as an audience polling system because it allows the speaker or presenter to ask the audience direct questions, and get instant and anonymous feedback. This, of course, not only helps the presenter give a better presentation after realizing what the audience wants, but it also raises the audience’s engagement, and gets them to participate and be more attentive.

If you are a regular presenter or an instructor, and you want to get the people to whom you present to be more engaged and attentive, try this software for free, and see for yourself how it can help you be a better presenter.

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