Why Investing in Yourself Is the Best Decision you’ll Ever Make

Why Investing in Yourself Is the Best Decision you’ll Ever Make

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Acquiring more education and learning new skills is more important today than ever before. The days of gaining one skill set and then falling into a comfortable job for the next forty years are long gone.

In this new era of employment, flexibility and a willingness to retrain are the attributes that will keep you in high demand and give you the most control over your future.

Regularly upgrading your skills can sometimes seem like a burden though, so it’s best to focus on the positives. Instead of thinking of the time that you’ll need to spend, and the money that you’ll have to lay out in the short-term, fix your sights on the long-term benefits that your new skill set will bring you.

You’ll Stand Out from the Competition

The more education that you acquire in addition to your work experience, the more attractive you will be to a prospective employer. If you’re a chartered accountant, for example, you’ll be limited in the roles that you can apply for. But if you’re a chartered account with an MBA and a marketing degree, your options are wide open. Plus you’ll be more valuable to employers that don’t have dedicated departments overseeing all of the different aspects of their business.

You’ll Be Ready to Take Advantage of New opportunities

Once you have a position with an employer, you’ll be among the first to learn of new openings. If you already have the relevant education and a good track record in the company, your chances of securing a better position are very high.

Your position will be much more stable if you have other skills that a business needs. For example, accounting work is reported to be among the professions most under threat from automation. If your accounting degree is all that you have, then you could end up without work and without a path to new employment. But if you already hold other qualifications, then you could slot into other positions within the same organization when they downsize the department. You’ll also stand a better chance of being hired by a new employer when you’re competing against all of those other out of work accountants.

You Can Earn More Money

If you don’t feel as though you’re earning as much as you should, then a sure fire way to move up a rung or two on the income ladder is to get better qualifications so that you can secure more lucrative work. One way to do this while you remain in your current job is by taking advantage of online education.

You can easily obtain an online MBA or marketing degree, or you could even study for something like computer science, criminal justice, or civil engineering online.

Your extra qualifications also open up the possibility of becoming self employed as a consultant, which gives you even more scope for earning a higher income.

Take some time to work out which new skills or qualifications it would be in your best interest to obtain, and then investigate the best way to achieve your goal. You may find that for the same cost as a new car, you could earn a masters degree in civil engineering that will provide much needed job security and triple your earnings for many years to come.


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