Lead generation strategies and ideas. How to generate business leads with free consultations

Lead generation strategies and ideas. How to generate business leads with free consultations

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In this tutorial I discuss some lead generation strategies, and how to use free consultations to help you turn leads into clients. Very often, you want to offer free or cheap consultations because as you know, people flock to free things. During those short free consultations, you can show people a glimpse of the value they would be getting if they purchased your full services.

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Depending on what your business is, you can generate leads from Fiverr.com or similar sites where you do small jobs or services for people. Some of the people who purchased your discount services on those sites can hire you for bigger projects.

Other lead generation strategies include discounts to current customers who refer friends, paying for leads, and establishing a professional referral network. In a professional referral network, you would send potential leads to your referral partners, and they would send some of their clients to your business.

Of course, one of the main lead generation strategies is to do Google SEO for your website, and to landing pages which are meant to capture leads.

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