Learn to code and create your own apps and products for business ideas you get

Learn to code and create your own apps and products for business ideas you get

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In this video I discuss what people might do if they have a business idea for an app or website or product. Most people can’t do much about their business idea because to do something means that they have to hire someone, and that is expensive and fraught with risk. But in this tutorial I suggest that people learn how to code apps or websites in order to make their business ideas and ultimately their dreams come true.

Many people have a few options available to them for having their app or website developed, and none of those options are that attractive. The options can be partnering with a technical co-founder, hiring a developer or hiring an agency. Another option is to learn to code so that the entrepreneur can create their idea on their own without having to spend time or money on hiring others, or trying to convince others to work with them. My advice is often that people learn programming so that they could develop their mobile apps and business ideas on their own, without needing outside help. Few people take my advice, but over time they learn that the other options are also not as good.

You can easily learn programming by buying a Udemy course on how to program (I don’t have any such courses, but other instructors do) or using my favorite website stackoverflow.com, or by learning from a book, and many free online tutorials. Learning to code will also give you a very marketable employment skill that will get many people to hire you.

My Own Experience In Learning How To Code

I studied Computer Science in college, and I learn how to code there. But the things I learned in college were fundamentals. When I went to college there was no such things as apps. I had to learn how to make apps on my own. And at every step, even though I was already a programmer, I had to learn how to program and code different things like different languages, technologies, or unique features within a programming language that I was already familiar with. In other words, I was never able to stop learning how to program. I always had to figure out how to code some thing either within my apps or websites, or some technologies that enabled them such as back ends and databases.

It was a pain to keep learning to code, but it was worth the effort because my first projects were failures. And I was able to keep failing cheaply. Failing cheaply is not an option if you have to hire a programmer to build your business ideas. Many people can’t recover financially from a single such failure in any kind of a short time needed to bounce back. But if you can code, not only can you bounce back, but you can be working on your business ideas every day, even if you have to work during the day to support yourself financially.

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