License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras

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This new technology allows parking authorities to drive down the street, or through a parking garage, and scan hundreds of license plates per minute. They can check for expired meters, expired registrations, stolen cars and wanted persons. It’s becoming controversial as an invasion of privacy issue, but the systems are very profitable for the agencies running them.

The current industry leader for LPR is the Genetec AutoVu system.

Here’s a typical application for a parking structure:

First, an on-site survey of the structure was done and it was determined they needed 4 cameras at the entrance and exit areas for full coverage. The License Plate Recognition (LPR) installation included the AutoVu back-office server software solution powered by Genetec’s security Center, which has license plate detection capabilities as well as back-office server software. The installed hardware includes rugged mobile computers, vehicle-mounted and fixed LPR cameras and all mounting hardware. They can set alerts for how long a car has been in the lot and automatically run all the license plates thru police records.

The patrols are done by an outside contractor who patrols the parking garage. The city gets the data direct and handles all the enforcement. A huge cost savings for the city and a complete surveillance system for the structure. The cost of an LPR system starts at $700- per month.

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