It’s The Little Things In Life, And Business

It’s The Little Things In Life, And Business

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When you’re starting out in business is important to nail the finer details. Without them, you can’t begin to be taken seriously as a credible business, or boss. Too many startups walk before they can run and end up skipping the basics and falling flat on their face. That’s not to say that the right office furniture, staff, and uniform policy will hugely impact on your business. However, start as you mean to go on. Take pride in the smaller things and the rest will follow. Here are some of the smaller details that can go overlooked.

Staff Uniform

For some jobs, this is easier to decide on than others. However, every business needs to have a policy on uniform. It doesn’t matter if you’re for it or against it, but you need to take a clear stand. If you do have strict ideas about what your staff can and can’t wear this needs to be made clear. A uniform section in a staff handbook is a good idea. Be realistic and give reasons for your decisions. If your staff are dealing with clients and customers you may want them to wear shirts, blouses, and smart shoes. If you want to appeal to a younger, more laid-back audience, you may allow your staff do wear whatever they like. These kind of decisions are important and do matter. If your workforce is disjointed and not ‘on brand’ it could affect your work atmosphere and business.

Security And Safety

These are two words not to be trifled with! What some business fail to understand, at their detriment, is that staff are under their responsibility whilst on the premises. All staff must be kept safe at all times. This could mean having a receptionist or security guard at the point of entry. This forces all visitors to check-in as it were. That way you have a log of who is in the building at what time. It’s also a good idea to issue staffers and visitors lanyards. This company makes custom lanyards for all kinds of businesses. That way visitors are easily identifiable, and if someone doesn’t have a lanyard they can’t have been through security.

Office Furniture

This also might sound like a minor point, especially when you have a new business to run, but you have to start from the feet up. The more cared for and comfortable staff feel, the better results you’ll get. Happy and looked after members of staff can be more efficient, passionate, and happy with their work and job. Take care of your staff and you’ll soon see results. That includes their comfort as they work. This is particularly important for staffers who are desk bound for large portions of the day. Comfortable computer chairs will be needed. It’s also important to create desks at the right level. This is so that staff don’t have to crane their neck to stare at a screen.


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