Loft Conversion Ideas To Try

Loft Conversion Ideas To Try

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The loft is a room in the house which is often forgotten about and quite simply neglected. When we look at our homes and decorate them from time to time, it is rare that we spare a second thought for our loft apart from thinking of storing items for later.


The loft however can be a huge space in your home and if you take some time to kit it out, it could not only add a whole new room to the house but it will also add value to your home. Here are some of the ways you can change your loft into something better today.




The first way that you can repurpose your loft space is to make it into a home gym. If you feel as if you need the means to exercise at home this can be a great idea and it will encourage you to stay fit. Make sure to hire commercial roofing contractors to seal up the roof, lay a strong floor and hang a TV on the wall for some background noise while you sweat it out.




If you either work from home or you both like to have the extra space in the house, one of the things you can look to do is create a home office in the loft. Lay a comfy carpet or a wooden floor, paint the walls a light and bright colour and install a skylight for some natural sun throughout the day. It can be a great place to get some quiet work done away from the rest of the house, and when you are done for the day you can simply lock the door and leave work separate from your home life.


Art studio


If you are a creative soul and you feel as if you can no longer store you art in one tiny space, making an art studio can be a wonderful idea and it will allow your pieces to dry away from any praying hands in the house. You’ll get lots of natural light and you can enjoy having some peace and quiet for a while as you create your artwork.




One of the most popular ways to change and upgrade your loft would be to turn it into a bedroom for one of your family members. The loft can create a surprisingly large bedroom and you can even use this as the master bedroom for the whole house. As for storing all of the items you would normally keep in the loft, you can separate off a small room to use as your storage space and make sure to get rid of anything you don’t need anymore.



An amazing idea for a large family home would be to create a stunning master bathroom in the loft and convert your old bathroom into an extra bedroom for the family. A loft bathroom can be as grand or simple as you like and this can be the ideal place for you to relax and refresh after a hard day at work.

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