Magnet Stickers & 5 Other Products To Help Your Promo Event Make A Lasting Impression

Magnet Stickers & 5 Other Products To Help Your Promo Event Make A Lasting Impression

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Hosting a promotional event can be a wonderful to build interest around a new business or new products. Alternatively, it can be a fantastic way to boost sales after a slump. If you are going to take this option, though, you need to do it well.


Finding the right marketing materials is essential for making this idea work. Let’s find out about six items that you should include on your big day.

#1. Magnet Stickers

 With custom magnets, you are providing your customers with something fun and memorable. Moreover, those small items aren’t intrusive on their lives. Instead, they sit on their fridges or other products to offer a constant reminder of the promotional day. In turn, that keeps your business fresh in their minds.

#2. USB Sticks

 In an ideal world, you want audiences to go home and continue their research into the business. A good website will certainly help your cause. However, you should give guests something physical to walk away too. Once upon a time, CDs were the obvious contender. Nowadays, though, a customized USB stick packed with relevant content is the answer.


#3. Free Mugs

 Like magnets, free mugs are a small gesture that makes a big impact. The user can utilize this product on a daily basis, and seeing your logo will slowly influence their future decisions. Better still, you can get a large quantity produced for minimal outlay. T-shirts are another great option, but mugs are likely to last a lot longer. That increased action should result in a greater impact too.

#4. Eco-Friendly Materials

 Potential clients are continually forming opinions about the business during the promo event. Those judgments aren’t restricted to products and services. External matters like your responsibility can have a telling impact. Using recyclable packaging shows a caring nature. Meanwhile, similar sentiments can be used for your approach to event marketing banners and bunting. It may not feel like a big deal, but it gives consumers another reason to choose your company.

#5. Loyalty Cards

 The promotional day is likely to gain some sales, but the key to success is to encourage customers to keep coming back for more. Loyalty cards are a fantastic option, not least because you can gain their details for future email marketing. This is something that even the biggest companies use to gain more sales, so there’s no reason for you to ignore those rewards. Not only should you convert more customers, but the added excitement will generate increased purchases too.


#6. Free Products

 Getting customers to feel excited about the business and its products is the main purpose of any marketing campaign. The promo event is no different. Giving out free products may seem counterproductive. If you’re selective, though, it can work wonders. Choose items where customers may come back for add-ons and accessories, and those future sales will cover those losses. Moreover, the fact that customers will feel that they’ve got value for money should encourage loyalty.

Of course, you’ll need to practice your public speaking and think about the follow ups too. Nonetheless, having the right products in place will remove some of the pressures. In turn, your chances of sustained success will look brighter than ever.

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