Make Your Next Trade Expo Exponential

Make Your Next Trade Expo Exponential

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Trade shows are an opportunity for your business to prove its worth and get new customers. It’s a captive market and the perfect way to build a business. But there are some rules that you need to obey if you want your trade show to be truly exponential.

Rule Number 1: Be Audacious And Memorable

If you’re an SEO company, you might want to steer clear of Hawaiian shirts and salsa dancers. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to jazz up your booth. Memorable displays, like the displays from Dynamic Gift, are both modest and professional. You want to look as if you are there to do business – because you are.

Rule Number 2: Don’t Pitch Your Stuff, Grow Your Industry

Businesses think that trade shows are all about the hard sale. They’ll come in heavy with marketing tactics and sales seminars. But these are rarely effective. In fact, a marketing session billed as an information seminar is likely to drive people away. The best strategy to keep people at your booth is to be a font of information. Get them to come to your with all their burning questions and listen to what they have to say. The more value you can provide, the more they’ll be willing to do business with you in the future. Many businesses have people constantly researching on the latest information in the industry. Use these people in your team to do the research so that you can give your customers the best information and grow.

Rule Number 3: Wheel Out The Executives

Who is better to represent your company at a trade show than the executives themselves? Sure, you could hire in a load of salespeople. But would they really be able to convey the spirit of the business? Probably not. Even people who work in other areas of your firm might not have the vision or the gravitas of the senior team. Put them to work and get their authority working for you. Make sure you allow attendees to book appointments and keep those spots filled.

Rule Number 4: Give Away Cool Stuff That Generates Interest

People aren’t going to sit through a sales presentation while you explain why they need your product. It’s not cool. And it fails to inspire. But what about if you dangled a carrot in front of your audience’s nose? That would work a lot better.

Say, for instance, one of your targets for the day is to get people to sit through a 20-minute product presentation. They’re not going to do it of their own accord. So offer them something for sitting through it, like a cute new sweater or cool new toy for their smartphone. Once you’ve given them the bait, they’ll bite onto it. Plus, they’ll be way more receptive to your pitch. You’ll generate interest in what you’re saying, while also creating a need to listen. It’s the holy grail of marketing, and it should benefit your business.

Rule Number 5: Bring Your A-Team

You need your best lead generators at the event to generate sales. Make sure that your sales team is incentivised to do well. Gamify the experience and offer rewards for great performance if you can.

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