What To Do If You Have Many Different Products: Case Study Of A Metaphysical Product Online Store

What To Do If You Have Many Different Products: Case Study Of A Metaphysical Product Online Store

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In this blog post I want to discuss the case study of Cigami.com which is a site that offers many products like candle holders, bumper stickers, and more. All of these products have a metaphysical theme. The site also offers various services like psychic tarot readings. This business is interesting because it is very much like my business. The only difference is that my business focuses on entrepreneurship. And Cigami.com focuses on the metaphysical space. But the major thing we have in common is that we have too many different kinds of products, and we both find it difficult to get organized in how we would sell each product, and when.

Types Of Products

The different types of products on the Cigami sites are physical items you can buy like mugs, candle holders, and various things like that. You can also buy books on various spiritual, new age, and metaphysical themes. Plus, you can buy services like tarot readings. So there are three main categories of products.

I would section them off. On the home page the books are separated from the physical products pretty well. But the tarot readings are not as clear to find. They are buried in the navigation for all the different kinds of products.

First Strategy: Figure Out Which Products Sell Best And Only Sell Those Products

If you are in a situation like this, what you want to do is understand which of the products are the best sellers, and take out any products that don’t sell at all. It will decrease the clutter and help your buyers focus on the products they would have bought anyway.

Second Strategy: Make Product Navigation More Clear

Even though it seems like product navigation is simple since all product types are listed on the left side navigation panel, because there are so many types of products, it can get pretty confusing to browse them all. If you look at how Amazon lists their products, they use the left side navigation panel to only list main categories. Then that have a link to show more categories. And in their main product search they have a listing of all categories that you can choose from.

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