How To Market A Martial Arts And MMA Studio

How To Market A Martial Arts And MMA Studio

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I was recently contacted by the owner of a martial arts and MMA studio in Wausau and Schofield, WI. We discussed how to market the MMA and martial arts studio, and in this blog post I will share a number of my suggestions. Here is a link to that particular martial arts studio so you can get a sense for that particular business.

Local Service Marketing Strategies

First of all, we have to take advantage of the possible local service marketing strategies. These tend to be low hanging fruit because they are simple to execute.

First and foremost I like to try to get local business to appear on the Google map that comes up on top of local search results. A business can put itself on the Google map that appears at the top of search results by adding itself to Google’s places for business.

The other strategies I like to use when marketing a local service like a karate or an MMA studio is to make sure that this business can get exposure on local service listing sites. Such sites are,, and a number of others. Additionally, it is not enough to simply have a listing there. Your business must be at the top of search results for relevant search terms on those sites because the first site is the site that also often gets placed in Google search within the listing of those bigger sites. So if a listing appears in one of the top-10 Google search results, you have to make sure that the business promoted on that listing is yours. And you do that by being the top Yelp listing for that particular search.

Doing SEO On The Website Itself

There are more things that can be done to promote a martial arts and MMA studio in Wausau and Schofield, WI. Let’s discuss how to promote a martial arts studio using SEO.

While the home page of the site can rank for the most common search terms, there can be other pages on the site, which are created to rank for secondary search terms. Some examples of such keywords may be “kung fu studio for kids” or “jui jitsu classes for kids and adults.” There can be many such keywords that people may type into Google search, and your site should have pages that target many of the main search terms.

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