Meet The Employees – The Lifeblood Of Your Business

Meet The Employees – The Lifeblood Of Your Business

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Your employees are literally the lifeblood of your company. Without them, you wouldn’t have anything. That is why you need to keep them and keep them happy. But at the same time, you don’t want to stop the smooth running of your business. The balance is to engage your employees in fun ways that make them want to stay, and that gives you a chance to give back to them.

Time Out

Rather than being for a naughty child, having a room or space in the office where your employees can take a break is a great idea. Allowing your employees to take five when they need it and not when they are told to can really help to rejuvenate their creativeness and keep them going at full capacity until the end of the day.

A Good Cause

Adopt a charity or a cause for the company and actively work together across departments to help raise money. You can do this through helping out at events, or do a mass sponsored activity. This will do great things for a charity, and for breaking down those barriers in workplaces in a way that won’t undermine your authority.


As a species, humans use meal times as a social activity, so utilise this to create bonds within your company. Promote lunch breaks within the office, or go a step further and by lunch on the company once a month.

Independent Projects

Encourage your employees to come up with project ideas, whether they are new or seasoned, treat all ideas with the same time and attention – you might find that they have thought of something that can really benefit the company.

Game Training

Every job has training involved – but it doesn’t have to come in the form of a presentation or a webinar. Corporate training can be delivered through a gaming experience which is fun for everyone and is proven to promote leadership and problem-solving attributes.

Personal Praise

Knowing that you have done a good job is one thing, being told that you have is on another level. We all like to be recognised for our achievements, and as the owner of the company, no praise is higher than yours. Make sure you personally praise employees.


It can be hard for big companies to know everyone who works for you, but you should make an attempt at doing so. Hold smaller meetings throughout the where you can really talk to the people and not just at them, encourage them to speak up about ideas and just generally chat to them about their lives.


Always be ready to help if an employee needs it. They work so hard to keep your dream alive, so you should do the same for them. If they are having car trouble, be understanding when they turn up late because of public transport. If they are finding getting childcare hard, then support them with time or childcare vouchers to help sort it out.

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