Mistakes To Avoid In Your AdWords Remarketing Campaign

Mistakes To Avoid In Your AdWords Remarketing Campaign

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Mistakes To Avoid In Your AdWords Remarketing Campaign

By now you are aware of how to use AdWords to your benefit. You must have also made some really silly mistakes while remarketing to your audience. As a marketer now moving towards Adwords remarketing to your audience you know what all it will entail. Following are some of the most common mistakes you are better off avoiding while you are at it:

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  1. Not Specifying Locations Is A Big Mistake

Yes, we underestimate the power of locations more often than not. For instance, if you wish to target your audience with relevant Facebook ads, you just can’t ignore their locations. In simpler words, if you’re not being specific with your locations or those of your customers’, then you’re basically paying money for absolutely nothing. To make the most of your investment in the process of remarketing to your audience through AdWords features 2017, you need to find out where your customers are present and where they come from. Know what state, what city or town or area of the metropolis these people belong to. This makes sure that your customers can see what products you’re selling.

  1. Not Remarketing On Already Viewed Videos And Posts

If you as a marketer are not taking previous videos and post engagements into account in your remarketing campaigns, think again. Your customers regularly viewed your video ads and newsfeeds. This clearly means that either your audience stumbled upon your content randomly or viewed it while scrolling through the various posts on their browser. Either way your news or your video ad had caught their attention and this is where the remarketing function regains importance. If your customers stopped and watched it, that means they’re interested in what you have to say so don’t forget to remarket them.

  1. Having Incorrect Adwords Settings

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make. I said so because this can result in bigger costs and reduced traffic over a period of time. You can keep two settings when you want to set up RLSA audience at the ad group level.

In case you intended to set up a target and bid campaign and ended up setting up just a bid-only ad group inadvertently, you will notice larger than expected traffic inflow, and that will increase your costs. This happens because you will be advertising on a broader list of keywords than you had originally intended to. This means that your ads will go to anyone online searching for it rather than relevant audience.

The story will be slightly different if you had meant to set up a bid-only AdWords remarketing campaign but accidentally set up a target and bid ad group. This will reduce your traffic dramatically from that ad group because you will have narrowed down your audience to “returning visitors” only. It is always advised to have alerts set up within AdWords. This helps you catch these errors in time and you can make the most of your remarketing campaign.

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  1. Forgetting To Rotate Your Ads

You can’t be showing the exact same ad to your customers over and over again. This will simply exhaust your message and become redundant. Eventually people will start getting annoyed and this will hamper your reputation. You can’t risk being remembered as an annoying brand that has nothing but stale offers. Make sure to change your ad on a regular basis so that you can expand your chances of coming across as interesting to everyone who sees you online.

But remember, not everyone on your list will be interested in the same offer, or what is being sold by a singular ad design that shows up everywhere. Changing your ads frequently makes a large number of people interested to click on it at some point of time and your retargeting campaign gains more chances of becoming successful.

Well, it is safe to say that when done absolutely right, retargeting or remarketing can redirect all the bounced traffic straight to your website. These mistakes are most definitely easy to avoid and you can fix them sooner than you think as long as you catch them at the right time.

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