The Necessity Of Tradeshows For Your Business — Explained!

The Necessity Of Tradeshows For Your Business — Explained!

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Any good long-term business plan will include mention of the need to attend tradeshows. Tradeshows are a way to demonstrate you belong to the business community, the perfect networking opportunity, and a great place to capture new customers. If regular attendance of a tradeshow isn’t in your business plan, then you’re going to want to add it in as soon as possible.

There are so many different reasons that tradeshows deserve a place in your business future. Let’s examine these reasons, as well as suggest a few ways you can ensure your business’ tradeshow experience is as good as possible. If you’re a tradeshow newbie and find your mind bubbling over with questions about the entire process, you will be relieved to discover the answers are in the name…

T is for Talk

Tradeshows are the perfect opportunity for networking. You can meet business owners that may be able to help further your business, or who you can develop business-to-business relationships with.

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R is for Reputation

The mere act of attending a tradeshow can do wonders for your reputation. It helps to show that you are an expert in your field, a trusted exhibitor at recognized tradeshows, offering your business a gleam of respectability.

A is for Advertising

Tradeshows are a wonderful way of advertising your business. Not only do you raise awareness of your company to those who are there on the day, but your company will also be promoted by the show itself.

D is for Display

There’s no doubt that tradeshow displays should be eye-catching, ensuring that passers-by can’t help but stop and pause to see what your business is about. This should be the area of the show that you invest the most money in, as it is easily the most important requirement.

E is for Engaging

On the day, be as personable as you can possibly be. Smile. Ask questions. Engage with people. The more engaging you are, the more likely customers are to remember your business when the show has concluded.

S is for Selling

Of course, a tradeshow is a fantastic place to sell your products or services. You want to avoid a hard sales pitch; be casual, keep it light, but also be prepared to go further in depth if a customer requests it.

H is for Hospitality

Attract customers to your display by offering a little friendly hospitality; a popcorn or cotton candy machine is always a good idea, or you could offer free cupcakes with every purchase.

O is for Organization

Organization is the key to having a successful tradeshow. You need to start planning for the show at least six weeks in advance of the opening date. This gives you time to ensure you have the right information, display, and handouts (such as flyers) ordered and ready to go for the day of the show.

W is for Worldwide

Tradeshows are worldwide events, so when you have got the hang of local shows, why not expand your market and see if you can capture global attention?

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As you can see, you definitely are going to want to find time for tradeshows in your business future. Good luck.


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