Need to Start an Auto Repair Shop? Here are 5 Equipment Items You’ll Need

Need to Start an Auto Repair Shop? Here are 5 Equipment Items You’ll Need

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So you are tired of working for someone else and want to start your own auto repair shop? Well, that’s a good idea if you are a versatile and very skilled mechanic. Or maybe you are an entrepreneur who is seeking a sound investment. In either case, owning your own auto repair shop will definitely help you make more money. However, apart from money, there are other factors to consider when opening your auto repair shop. For one, you will need the right kind of equipment. You must be knowledgeable about auto repair equipment so that you use and maintain the different equipment appropriately.

There are five pieces of equipment that you must have in your auto repair shop:

Vehicle Lift/Hoist

This is used to lift a vehicle into the air so that mechanics can work underneath it. Do not skimp on a good quality hoist. A cheap, low-quality hoist is dangerous and won’t even last you two years. On top of that, when it breaks down, getting spare parts may be very difficult. Always invest in a quality hoist that has the best safety features.

Air Compressor

Without an air compressor, your auto repair shop would not be complete. The great thing about having an air compressor is that it serves multiple functions and can operate different tools. For an auto shop in a large industrial shed, it is recommended that you buy a large compressor that has a capacity of between 60 – 120 gallons. You should also consider factors like pistons needed, PSI, and horsepower.

Brake Lathe

When a customer comes in and their car has a problem with its brake system, you will need a brake lathe to fix the issue. A brake lathe can be used to fix vibration and noise problems that commonly affect braking systems. You can get the “on car” brake lathe which is usually mounted onto the vehicle. You can also buy the “off car” brake lathe that is used after the brake motor has already been removed from the car.

Battery Charger

One of the most common problems that an auto repair shop will have to deal with is dead batteries. This means that you must have a battery charger, or at the very least, jumper cables, in your auto shop. Most battery chargers come with a manual that shows you how to operate the device properly. There are some battery chargers that automatically switch themselves off when the battery is fully charged.

Engine Hoist

If you plan on working on car engines, taking them apart and rebuilding them, then you are going to need an engine hoist. This piece of equipment enables you to lift and remove the engine of a vehicle without having to strain your back. When buying an engine hoist, always consider the maximum weight of the engine you will be servicing.

These are the five items that you must have when you are setting up your auto repair shop. Make sure you try to get good quality equipment and don’t forget that safety should always come first when choosing auto repair equipment.

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