Passive income streams: fund your business with passive income streams like selling digital products

Passive income streams: fund your business with passive income streams like selling digital products

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In this video tutorial I discuss how you can raise money for your business and fund it by hustling and trying to sell products online. You can sell physical or digital products. For the most part, digital products are easier to create and deliver to customers. Because of that, selling digital products can be qualified as a passive income stream. A passive income stream is ideal if you start a business because it requires much less attention and time devoted to it. Because of that, passive income streams are great for funding your business since they allow you to focus almost entirely on your business provided that the passive income streams you created remain strong and deliver revenue.

Personally, I have taken advantage of a number of passive income streams. Some of the passive income streams I have used have been YouTube marketing and monetization, selling books on Amazon and the Kindle. I have also created mobile apps which bring me passive income every month. Additionally, I created online business and marketing courses on Udemy which serve as nice passive income streams as well. All together these monetization paths help me earn a nice living and fund any other activities I want to do like start a business if I want to (although I have already started one) or go traveling or anything else. Although, to be honest, I have not done too much traveling because I am more interested in pursuing my creative work. But other people in my shoes would certainly take advantage of having the freedom of earning passive income revenue and they would go traveling.

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