Philosophy and history of religion: spirituality despite politics from antiquity to existentialism

Philosophy and history of religion: spirituality despite politics from antiquity to existentialism

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Here is the link to the course on Udemy. To learn more about the course, just read the rest of this blog post and watch the video. The video contains approximately half of the course.

In this video tutorial I present a trailer for my full course on philosophy of religion. This video is more than enough to give you a sense for whether you want to get the entire course. The link to the course gives it away for just $9 which is something that is extremely affordable.

The course and the video discuss philosophy and history of religion. They discuss the history of politics that has always enshrouded religion, and it also talks about spirituality which is the search for something more meaningful, and how religion has always had spirituality and politics playing a tug of war in a sense.

The course has a few sections. The fist section is the introduction to my background. I have studied philosophy, religion, psychology and have always been curious about how politics works, and how politics effects everything around us, and what the origins of those effects are.

After that, the course looks at the 5 major proofs that God exists that have been presented by philosophers throughout history. And then immediately after that I cover some arguments to prove that God doesn’t exist.

The course and this video also discuss the concept of spirituality, and how that is tied into religion. Spirituality is very difficult to define. It is a term that is often used and misused by many people to mean many different things. In this course I use the concept of spirituality to discuss man’s search for meaning and relationship with something greater than himself.

I also talk about theory of belief and knowledge. In philosophy, this is called epistemology. Epistemology is very important when it comes to religion because we have to ask ourselves when we can say that we know something with certainty, and when we believe something. Knowing and believing is very different, and people often confuse one for the other. This happens especially often when it comes to believing in God vs. putting faith and believe in God vs. knowing for sure that God exists without ever seeing God.

I also discuss how different philosophers in history saw religion. I talk about Rene Decartes and his work the Meditations in how he addressed the skeptics about what we know and can’t know. I also talk about Friedrich Nietzsche and his writing on how God is dead and man killed him. I also talked about existentialism and Soren Kierkegaard, and his leap of faith. I also touch a little bit on Nihilism and ultimate meaning of life and man’s meaning as man is responsible to create it for himself in the modern world.

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