How to Prevent Your Website from Negative SEO?

How to Prevent Your Website from Negative SEO?

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In the era of digitization, we seem to have a lot of apprehensions on certain criteria and how things move. At times we feel stuck in the mid of nowhere because there are numerous protocols which need to be taken care of.

No, we are not planning to get you confused rather we bring you this article that which will be an insight for your online business. We all know for a website to gain prominence is very important. Until it doesn’t get established on the search engine it can not deliver a good conversion rate or ROI. For reaching this equilibrium we need to run a good SEO for the website. But what about negative SEO. Do you think we are lying here? Certainly Not, because negative SEO is real, and it can have a negative effect on your website.

So let’s start by learning about negative SEO and what all affects it can have on your website:


There is a complete transformation in the SEO industry, which is very prominent over the past few years. Owing to this ranking great on Google and getting ahead in competition has become a real tough task. Further, this is because the black hat SEO has become difficult to execute and is not yielding results as well, thus negative SEO came into existence.

Basically, negative SEO is a practice that attacks the websites by unethical methods and techniques which are then likely to suffer from penalties. Negative SEO lowers down the competitor’s ranking and affects the website’s traffic eventually intruding into it. Usually, the negative SEO  can hamper the website’s rankings by creating bad backlinks from the hacking and other irrelevant websites.

Let’s quickly have a look at the effects that negative SEO will have on your website.

  • By creating fake social profiles it can hamper your online reputation
  • Using copy and paste content
  • It can build hundreds and thousands of spammy links to your website
  • It can eliminate all the good backlinks that your website has
  • By cross linking the website with keywords like poker online, viagra etc. will hamper the image
  • Ultimately, it can hack your website completely

By this, it is very much clear that negative SEO can have a huge impact on the website’s SEO which can eventually lead to penalizing the website hampering all your work done till now.  There are majorly two types of SEO.

Low quality internal links: These low-quality internal links can damage your website and if your website is merged with spammy links and bad backlinks then it can lead to penalization also. Thus, it is important to link only high-level profile websites so that there are no toxic links generated to your website. This is especially because Google keeps a close eye on the number of links going to and  from your website.

Purposely incapacitating competitor’s SEO Efforts: This implies to the tools and mediums which Google has now given to the SEO guys to utilize them for damaging their competitor’s SEO efforts. Unfortunately, it is economical too, and time-saving. By this, you might get short term results, but in long run, it is dangerous for you too, because Google follows very strict guidelines on SEO.

Let’s quickly have a look now on what shall be done to avert the negative effects of negative SEO

Please do not copy paste the content: You must have been hearing a lot about original and unique content writing, this is because Google needs unique and curated content which is not copied from any other link or the website. Thus, it is important to scrape the content, which is copied from any other competitor’s website. So what does Google do when it finds duplicate content, it will more often than not select only one adaptation of the content to rank.

Check on your website’s backlink profile: Before your website start dripping on the SERPs rankings it is crucial to check on the performance parameters and influencers that are having a negative impact on your website. When it comes to negative SEO, usually low-quality links are used to hamper the performance. As a result, you need to monitor all the backlinks coming to your website, for this, there are many tools (free and paid both) that can help you to identify all the malicious links coming to your website.

Do not forget to use Google’s Disavow Tool: Why, because if you really wish to repair your negative SEO effects and attacks then report the suspected attacks and use Google’s disavow tool. So what happens here is based on how low is the quality of the links on your website, it will monitor and influence the webmasters to immediately delete the harmful links. And thanks to Google that now reporting and disallowing the backlinks has been very easy by the Disavow Tool.

Modify your robots.txt file: What do we mean by robots. txt file. If you happen to experience any hacking attempt or any malicious activity on your website then you should stop it by putting robots. txt or inject a malware on your website. What happens here is if your website is attacked by the hacker then the hacker tries to insert some spammy content and bad links or they can even try to block Google from contacting your website.  This can be prevented by putting Robots.txt file.

Before we end this article, talking about SSL certificates should not be missed. So by now, we know what is negative SEO and what are its effects on your website. When we are trying to protect our website from negative SEO, security of our website is also important. The use of SSL certificates on your website will give you strong encryption and protection from hacking attacks. The best-used SSL certificates are Extended Validation SSL Certificate. These certificates offer strong encryption, easy installation,  security seal and are cost effective.

Bring your website back from the snatch of negative SEO.

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