How To Promote An iPhone Dyslexia Mobile App

How To Promote An iPhone Dyslexia Mobile App

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I recently chatted with the entrepreneur behind a new iPhone Dyslexia mobile app. During our conversation I learned that up to 15% of the world population is somewhere on the spectrum of this condition, and suffer from visual stress (the term commonly used for this condition). That means that the potential market for this app is tremendous. There are a couple of amazing things that can be done with this app, and I’ll discuss them in this article. If you are interested in the subject of this app, this is the website for the Dyslexia app and here is the Apple app store listing of the Dyslexia iPhone app.

How This Dyslexia App Works

This app is made for people who suffer from visual stress. That means that they tend to find it difficult to read and write in certain situations. For example, some sizes and variations of fonts may make it difficult to read. This app helps by overlaying a different color or depth over whatever a person may be reading, and that new overlaid color or depth makes it easier for people who suffer from Dyslexia to read the text they are trying to read, or to write.

This Must Be More Than An App. This Must Be A Community

Since so many people across the world struggle with Dyslexia, and this is something that they can’t cure, there is a natural need and opportunity to create and foster a community of people who can relate to each other. This is both, a good business strategy, and a great thing to do for people who suffer from visual stress.

If this business is able to create a community on its website or the app, people in the community will get the app, and due to the fact that their relationship with this business will last for a long time, will over time purchase many other possible offerings.

The Product Line Should Be More Than Just An App

The app is a great tool. But this business can be more than just an app. There can also be a book or an ebook. There can also be a paid private group where members get extra care, advice, or support. There can also be an online course for best practices for dyslexics, or for parents of dyslexics. That way, people who learn about this business can spend more money than just the $2.99 that it currently costs to download the app.

Be Very Active On Existing Dyslexia Forums

There are many people discussing Dyslexia. They commonly have many questions that they ask in various online forums and community sites. As the creator of this app, you must position yourself as one of the thought leaders in this community by providing great answers in such forums. For every one person who asks a question, over time, there may be thousands of people who read the question and the answers to that question. And if you provide a quality answer, people will want to read more of what you have to say, and visit your website, and possibly get the app.

Press Coverage In Your Niche

Additionally, it is a good idea to begin networking with bloggers, podcasters, and journalists who cover topics like Dyslexia. They have existing audiences which must know about your app, and your overall work that can benefit the listeners and readers of these media channels.

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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