How To Promote Kindle Books With Free And Countdown Promotions

How To Promote Kindle Books With Free And Countdown Promotions

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In this tutorial I explain how to use Kindle countdown deals to sell more book and rank in Amazon search and categories.

Kindle Countdown Deals

Amazon provides two ways to run promotions for your Kindle books. The first way is to offer your book for free.

Amazon offers help to authors with Kindle books countdown deals during which the price of the books is marked down to $0.99 and increases by a dollar every day starting with $0.99 until the price gets back to whatever the price is regularly. This is a great way to promote your books because it generates paid sales which help your books rank better in Amazon Kindle search and their category listings.

The discount promotion strategy offers something of value that you can send to your existing social media followers and email subscribers. It makes them like your updates more because they get very discounted prices on your products. This strategy is also great because when your Kindle book is priced at just $0.99, you can post that deal on numerous online discount websites, and get promotion from those sites. Together, the Kindle downloads from the discount sites and your promotion to your social media list will cause a big spike in sales. That can get you to be a top seller in your Kindle category and move up the search rankings. If you reach a top seller status, you can keep that title forever and always present yourself as a best selling Amazon author.

Kindle Free Promotions

The second option Amazon offers book authors to promote their books is through free book promotions.

In this video tutorial I explain how to promote your Kindle books and get many downloads with free Kindle book promotions. By making your Kindle book free, you will get many people to want to download your Kindle book. By generating many downloads, you will be able to boost your book’s ranking in Amazon, and sell more books when your free promotion is over. You can do this every 90 days during which you get to have 5 days during which you can do the free promotions. They aren’t always as effective as you want them to be, but often they do pretty well, and ultimately help you rank better in Amazon. When doing a free Kindle promotion, post your promotion on various online coupon sites and forums for free Kindle books to boost your downloads.

Free promotions aren’t as good as paid sales, but you can make the number up in volume. The most important thing in both the free Kindle promotions and the countdown deals is to make sure that your audience is big enough to generate enough downloads to move you up in the rankings on Amazon. My personal biggest promotion has generated about 700 downloads in 1 day, and that was only enough to get me into about the top-100 free books for that day. So you must really bring some muscle into your promotions.

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