How To Promote And Monetize Dating Apps

How To Promote And Monetize Dating Apps

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Dating apps are another popular kind of app your entrepreneurs like to create. It is also an attractive kind of app for investors as well. But by now, you know me. I like to play devil’s advocate, and point out the challenges for the app. If you can figure out how to get around the challenges during the planning phases of the app, you will be in far better shape than if you had to think about how to get around those challenges after meeting those challenges head on after you’ve started.

As you may already guess, with dating apps, just like with game apps or social apps, ranking in app store search is one of the biggest difficulties. Monetization is also very challenging because more and more dating apps and websites are free.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for you for these challenges. What is even worse is that I actually have an additional challenge. For dating apps and websites to be effective, you must have what is called critical mass where enough potential daters are using your app at the same time within the same geographic area to ensure that they meet enough potential mates. Imagine what happens when one potential dater begins using your app. They immediately begin searching for potential mates in their local area. There must be no shortage of potential daters because a person needs to see many people before they like someone and contact them. Considering how picky people are with whom they choose to date, you must have geographic areas very saturated with users in order to achieve a critical mass.

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