How To Promote Weight Loss Pills

How To Promote Weight Loss Pills

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I recently chatted with an entrepreneur who is heading up a company that sells weight loss supplements like Phentermine and Adipex. If you are not aware, the US government does not require FDA approval to sell supplements as it does various types of packaged food and peels.

While I don’t know much about diet peels, I do know how to sell things online. So in this article I will give some suggestions for how to sell these kinds of products.

YouTube Marketing

Whenever I come across products, the first thing I consider is YouTube as a sales tool. The reason I first consider YouTube over Google SEO is that Google SEO is the most competitive marketing tactic there can be, and since Google likes to add YouTube videos to its search results, it is sometimes simpler to get in Google’s top-10 search results with a video rather than a web page. If you are successful at getting into Google’s search results with a YouTube video, you will be getting traffic from both, YouTube and Google search.

Additionally, since products are visual, you can leverage YouTube to fully explain why the product you are selling is amazing. Very few people read the FAQ on your website. But if you explain the important points of the FAQ in a video, more people will understand why your product is great.

Lastly, YouTube videos can be far easier to create than web pages. A video takes only a few minutes to shoot, edit and then get uploaded in the background while you are doing other things. On the other hand, a new page takes a few hours to create if you plan to make it a good one.

What This Company Is Doing Right In Terms Of Marketing

There are many things we can learn from what the company I am talking about is doing right. If you are curious, you can check them out at and take a look for yourself. I like how they add social proof to their site by having references of doctors who recommend these peels as well as a list of notable publications which have mentioned their site. This is something I have been planning to add to my own website and I think it is a great thing to have.

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