Running An Outdoor Business Event? Execute It Wisely

Running An Outdoor Business Event? Execute It Wisely

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Running a business event outside can be a risky procedure from the get-go. Not only are you eschewing the comfort and provisions of an established event space or lecture hall, but convincing your audience to could be a little more difficult. However, there are some fantastic benefits to be experienced here too, such as the increased portability of the event which could conceivably be taken across the country to engage with a wider audience. Also, if taking place in a public space, the outdoor event could be attractive for ‘drop-in visitors,’ people who are interested in what you have to offer and are willing to come and check out the whole affair from the street.

This ‘wandering audience’ can be very positive to draw in, as they often consist of multiple demographics. Appealing to everyone in this way should hopefully be a goal of your business, so making sure you have this down from the beginning of your presentation cycle can be of immense value.

Here are some tips to get your outdoor event right:


You must provide some form of security for your event, and for the staff members who are helping you execute it. When you have an open forum like this, anyone can walk in, and often people who have nothing better to do than cause chaos will be attracted to the event like moths to a flame. A strong team of aware and sensible security staff can help you politely turn away people who cause a stir without impeding the integrity of your event. Neglected to find a security firm, even if they only provide one or two guards, can help the event stay seamless and smooth from location to location you visit.


It’s simply not enough to set up a stage and give your talk. Often showing products, videos and text presentations will require some form of electricity and complex stage manipulation, so housing all of this in shelter which can block even the harshest of weather conditions can help you keep your plan moving at the scheduled rate you planned in the first place. Not only this, but this might also help the rain work in your favor, as tent rental will provide an audience with a reason to enter your tent, and potentially get exposed to a product or service they will develop a lifetime relationship with.

What’s Different?

Running an outdoor event shouldn’t be considered a simple port of your indoor presentation to an outdoor format. If you can, identify exactly what makes your outdoor circumstance shine out, and what justifies its existence in the first place. Can you offer samples of your product, or provide a one-on-one communication platform between staff and audience?  Can you set up the exhibition in a different way, such as hosting your products in containers on tiered platforms around the floor space, as opposed to the limiting forward-facing setup of a lecture hall or auditorium? What will make your outside space stand out, and how will you keep your audience engaged as they enter the room? These are worthy questions to ask, and any developments here will help your event stick fondly in the memories of those who attend.

Executed wisely, your outdoor event is sure to be a success. Conform to the tips provided here, and you’ll be starting off in the best way you can.

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