Why You Should Use CRM Software To Track Sales Leads

Why You Should Use CRM Software To Track Sales Leads

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In this article I want to share why CRM (contact relationship management) software is so critical for your business. I’ll also show a new mobile app and web based software that I like and recommend. This CRM syncs from mobile to your web based software so you can use it on the go as well as when you sit down at your computer to do more serious work.

Why You Should Use CRM Software

If you are not currently using any kind of CRM application, there are many reasons why you should give it a try. Personally, I use such software all the time and I am not even a salesperson. What I love about CRM software is that it helps to keep track of conversations even if the conversations occur in sections that can be months apart.

Let me tell you of some ways that I use CRM software in my business. When users of my entrepreneur apps were asking me about how they can get loans to fund their business, I wasn’t too sure how to answer them at first. So I used CRM software to keep track of my outreach to different loan companies. Since not all the companies responded to me at the same time, those conversations became very confused and asynchronous. I often forgot most of what I had said or the nature of the conversation. But all I had to do to remind myself was to look at my CRM and refresh my memory of the entire conversation. Using software like that was great help in my effort to figure out the loan situation for my app users .

I also use such software when I do SEO outreach. As you know, you often have to build inbound links when you do SEO. When I focus on SEO, I do quite a bit of outreach to bloggers and other website owners. CRM software helps me know when to follow up with those leads and the history of my conversation with them. It also helps me to not follow up with the same people twice.

Try The ContactHero CRM App And Online CRM Software Package

This app syncs with your web contacts so it is CRM software as well as an iPhone app. Here is the website for the crm software and here is the iPhone CRM app.

Here is more about the app from the developer. This software was created to help you track your sales leads and prospects.

This contact management software was built to help your sales process become more organized and efficient. ContactHero is designed to help you track calls, manage sales leads, and help you keep track of your sales prospects, tasks and clients. Great sales management software should ensure that no business opportunity falls through the cracks. And ContactHero was built with precisely that in mind.

Here are some of the benefits of this CRM and sales lead management app.

  • Improve your sales prospect follow-through to generate more sales for your business.
  • Plan which sales leads you need to call, and keep a detailed contact history of calls made for each contact of what was said.
  • Free unlimited sales tracking of contacts, calls, tasks, and notes.
  • Schedule sales calls with reminder alarms linked to sales contacts. Never forget to follow up with a sales prospect ever again.
  •  Schedule tasks or to-dos with reminder alarms linked to contacts.
  •  Calls ordered and colored by timezone.
  •  Attach multiple timestamped notes to each sales contact.
  •  This sales tool works with the contacts already on your phone.
  •  Adds additional fields and flags to contacts and calls to organize them.
  •  Color code contacts (by personality type).
  •  Cloud sync with push notifications is available for in app purchase. Unlike many other contact management apps or sales tools on the AppStore,ContactHero also offers a complete web version. Requires an account on contacthero.com.Try the app, start being more organized in managing your sales prospects, and become a more effective salesperson today!

Video Of How To Use The CRM Software


How To Differentiate This App From Other CRM Apps

This app is unique, but how do we convey that to people? We can work from our elevator pitch template to craft a short but clear explanation of this product that does a good job of conveying how this app is different from the other apps. My attempt is below. Let me know what you think.

ContactHero is a new iOS app for sales people at small and mid-size companies. The app helps salespeople manage their contacts when the salespeople are on the go, and then syncs the sales information with online software when the salespeople get back to their computers.

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