How To Sell Products On Facebook

How To Sell Products On Facebook

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Many business owners want to get real clients through Facebook. They eagerly jump on Facebook in a “sell, sell, sell” mode, pushing their products and websites. But have you ever bought anything that you saw on Facebook? If so, it isn’t common, and you probably didn’t buy much even if you bought something that you first saw there.

Regardless of whether you sell products directly, or offer some services, in most cases trying to generate sales through Facebook marketing in the short term, would be a mistake that would waste your time, and not result in any (or very few) sales.

The way you can use Facebook to sell products is to continuously re-engage people and remind them of your business. Keep posting engaging posts, and integrate your brand comfortably into their Facebook feeds. That will get people to warm up to your brand, and it will help to built trust and comfort. Once that happens, if you post an occasional update in which you are trying to sell something, people may get interested and take the action to make the purchase or at least to learn more about what you are selling. But that happens over time. If you need sales today, free Facebook marketing may not be the answer.

You may be able to get a few friends to buy things out of sympathy for you, but the truth is that if you don’t have an existing audience of people who sign up to get your updates, few people that are not your friends will have a chance to even learn about the fact that you are trying to sell whatever you are selling.

Paid Facebook marketing might help you get clients more quickly, but in most cases when people think about Facebook marketing, what they really prefer is their free marketing. We’ll have a chance to take a closer look at paid Facebook marketing shortly.

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