Sharing Your History: 3 Essential Steps to Creating a Captivating Brand Story

Sharing Your History: 3 Essential Steps to Creating a Captivating Brand Story

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If you are the operator or the owner of a company, then you should understand that part of the way you build a rapport with your potential customers is by telling them who you are and your origin story. People want to buy from companies that make excellent products and provide exceptional services. However, they also want to feel a personal connection with the company, and that they share some of the same values. Creating a story for your brand that people will respond to, therefore, becomes critical. There are some tried and true ways of doing that, and here are three of them.


Write Compelling Copy


If you go on any of the websites out there, you’ll see that they all have some sort of “about us” section. Some of these seem cold and impersonal. You might still buy from these companies if you feel their products and services are good enough. What if you have never heard of a company, though, and your introduction to them is through one of these “about us” sections? You’re much more likely to become a customer if the story that they write is something that speaks to you. If you hear that the company’s creators came from the same part of the country as you, that might be a tie-in that will convince you to buy. If they seem humble and explain that they started because they wanted to put their spin on an established product, and they do so in a humorous way, that also might be enough that you’re willing to give them a try.




People also respond to visual stimulation, which means that including videos, pictures, and graphics on your website in your “about us” section is something that needs to take place. If you think that a company seems interesting, and you want to know more about them, wouldn’t you want to click on a video that promises to show you where the owner came from, how their products are manufactured, or how much fun the employees have at work? Again, the aim with these photos, videos, etc. is to show people who have never heard of you before that you’re a company that cares. You’re trying to personalize yourself. You never want to appear too impersonal or corporate. It’s a turn-off for some potential buyers.


Giving Back


Part of your brand story should also be that you’re giving back to the community. You can demonstrate that by showing on your website and through your social media feeds that you’re contributing a percentage of your profits to charity. You’re making donations to food banks, helping to clean up playgrounds, or your employees are running booths at trade shows with prizes and giveaways.

Your history should always show your customers and potential customers that you have never forgotten your origins and the desire to create an honest product at a fair price. You need to do everything that you can to try and establish a lasting relationship with your customers. That is how you encourage brand loyalty and ensure yourself of repeat business.

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