How to start a mobile app business & Things to consider when you start a mobile app company

How to start a mobile app business & Things to consider when you start a mobile app company

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For more on how to start a mobile app business, check out my mobile app business book and my mobile app business course (I recently added many lectures to make it as best it can be).

If you are considering starting a mobile app company, there are three things you must keep in mind. First, you must be able to create a product to a high degree of quality so that it can be competitive in therms of quality. The second thing to consider is how to get the distribution for your app. For most mobile apps, the bulk of the downloads come from the app stores (GooglePlay or Apple app store). So you must make sure that you will be able to compete against the current competitors, and outrank them in the app stores.

If you are able to get downloads for your app, that is great. The next thing you have to make sure to do is to make money from your app. There are many ways to monetize a mobile app, and you must choose one of them that will work for you. Some of ways your mobile app company can make money is by displaying ads, selling products, or selling services.

In this tutorial I cover some very important aspect of how to start a mobile app business. These are things that you should consider before you start the business, and even before you write the first line of code to start your mobile application business.

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