Starting a business selling wool products

Starting a business selling wool products

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I recently interviewed Kestas Kochanskas, the owner of Merino Wool Store called Wooltales about starting his business. Here is what he had to say.

1) How did you start this business?

There was a lot of changes at that stage of my life when my 3 years old son moved to live to the country with his mum. And I decided to see him regularly, but I didn’t know how I’m going to get time and money to do so. Then I realised I need more income and more free time. Then I had an idea to start my own small business on the side, because I was working on a day job as well. Even the first thought about owning the business was very scary for me. But I knew If I don’t do it, it’s going to be less chances to see my son often and regularly.

2) How did you decide to sell Merino Wool products?

I didn’t think about what I would like to sell. I was sleeping under the merino wool blanket and I was so happy about having it, it was very pleasant to feel that blanket against my skin and it was very soft blanket so we bought one for our little son as well and we were happy about that. Then we bought for him Organic Merino wool baby sleeping bag. I knew  very well that these products were made in the same country where my son moved to live with his mum. And I thought it would be good idea to buy those products in the country where my son lives while I’m there with him and bring them to the UK and sell them.

3) What would you recommend to new people who want to get into this business?

For people who would who like to start the e-commerce business I would recommend be very patient and because the results may not come as quick as they would expect.  Sometimes they can be quick results but I think with this product requires patience. I would also recommend getting leverage, someone to help you build a business for example creating logos or doing technical stuff, be willing to invest the money and time.

4) What has been the biggest challenge in this business so far?

The biggest challenge for me so far was getting clients. Also finding the right system how to get clients, overwhelm and not having the plan on jobs sequence.

5) What is the most exciting thing about starting this business?

The most exciting thing about starting this business was that I will be able to visit my son often and often, have financial freedom, quit the day job, and that I will be able to live a better quality life.

6) What is the biggest surprise so far?

The biggest surprise so far for me was that I could manage to find the right people who can really help me to build a business, meeting new, very interesting people from whom I could learn a lot, from their experience and knowledge. Looking back now one year later I’ve grown up a lot, and I gained so much knowledge that I didn’t know before about the business.


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