Startup & Business Ideas Book

Startup & Business Ideas Book

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I am excited to announce that I have published my first business book. Here is the link to the book on Amazon, and here is the link to my course on starting a business. When you get the course through this link, you will get a discount that is over 50%. The course has much of the same information as the book. The main difference is that the course is video-based.

Let me tell you why this is one of the most necessary books for first-time entrepreneurs. In this book, there is a balance of theoretical advice on solid business fundamentals, and real world case studies.

This book is the first in a 2-book series. After you learn how to start a business with this book, the second book teaches you how to do marketing like a pro, and get clients. Here is the link to learn more about the marketing book.

How I Gathered The Content For This Business Idea Book

The case studies I use are from my own business, and the shared experiences of the 300,000+ entrepreneurs on my mobile business apps, and the 1,000 people whom I have personally coached over time.

The book focuses heavily on everything I have ever encountered when it comes to business ideas. Then the book takes you through business planning and deciding whether to actually pursue a business ideas. Then the book takes you through various
business fundamentals, and good practices of starting your business. After that, the book gives you a simple yet effective crash course on how to promote your business like a real pro, and lastly the book teaches you how to raise money for your business.

The Business Idea Book On Amazon

Here is the business idea book on Amazon. But it should be available within a few days or a week. I am excited about it.

Table Of Contents Of My Business & Startup Idea Book

There are seven chapters in the book. The book has a total of 146 pages and 37,000 words. Here is the table of contents for the book.


i. How to get business ideas
ii. I have a great business idea not sure what to do next
iii. How to tell if a business idea is good
iv. How to get feedback on your business ideas
v. Cheap market validation of your business ideas
vi. How to pitch your business ideas
vii. Why you should not ask others for business ideas


i. Types of business risk: product risk & market risk
ii. What to do if you have multiple ideas
iii. Business idea mistakes & Bad business ideas
iv. What are the types of business ideas, and which are best
v. Business idea evolution: how to make your business ideas better
vi. Top reason businesses fail
vii. Home based business ideas or low risk business ideas
viii. Entrepreneur psychology
ix. Daydreaming about your business
x. Negative attitudes that can destroy a business
xi. Checklist of items to determine whether your business idea is good
xii. How to think about building your product


i. 6 Ways to protect intellectual property
ii. How to protect your business ideas


i. Do you need to write a business plan?
ii. What is a business model?
iii. How to write a business plan for your business idea
iv. Examination on different revenue streams
v. How to maximize your revenue streams
vi. How to improve your sales funnel
vii. Financials: the cash flow statement
viii. Example of a popular business model: Freemium
ix. Identifying your target market


i. Should you register your business
ii. Difference of for profit business and non profit
iii. How to choose a great business name
iv. How to choose a great domain name for your website
v. How to find business partners or co-founders
vi. Customer development by Steve Blank
vii. The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries
viii. How to pursue your idea if you have a full time job & Should you quit your job if you have a business idea
ix. Starting a business with no business experience. Should you and how to.
x The importance of getting a mentor & How to get a mentor to help you with your business idea
xi. When to hire a lawyer, accountant and get insurance
xii. How to fail fast and succeed faster
xiii. Skills you will need to make your business a success
xiv. Some tips for early stage businesses
xv. Example of a timeline with steps for how to start your business


i. How much money should I raise to start a business
ii. Bootstrapping: how to start a business without money
iii. How to write a fundraising plan
iv. How to raise money for your business idea: 8 sources


i. Further resources

About The Author

My name is Alex Genadinik. I am the creator of the Problemio business apps which are some of the top business apps on iOS, Android and Kindle with 300,000 downloads at the time of writing this post. I am also a software engineer, a marketer, and a serial entrepreneur.

Over time, I have personally helped in various capacity approximately 1,000 entrepreneurs plan and start their businesses. The topics in this particular book come from my conversations with entrepreneurs about their biggest questions.

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