How to succeed with a roofing or a home repair company

How to succeed with a roofing or a home repair company

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I have recently been working with a roofing company in Wallingford and New Haven, Connecticut.

Companies that provide services like roofing, general contractors, and home repair, are categorized as local businesses. Local businesses have two challenges. The first challenge is to provide a good service, and the second challenge is for these companies to promote themselves effectively enough to get a steady stream of clients.

I always leave the providing of a good service up to the entrepreneurs because I don’t know much about roofing or home repair. My hope is always that they are great at what they do since I can’t be of much help in those areas. But what I can help with is the marketing for these companies.

One of the best ways to stand out among the crowd is to create a great promotional video for your company which ranks in YouTube, and also eventually Google search. Here is the video that my client made.

After creating a great video, the person responsible for marketing at a local business must make sure that their website is ranking well for SEO keywords that their potential clients will search. Just like people searched Yellow Pages for home repair services 20 years ago, when people need these services today, they search the web. And as the person responsible for the marketing of your business, you must make sure that you rank for all your related keywords in Google search. For example, the keywords this company chose was home additions in Wallingford, roofing in New Heaven, and home insurance claims in New Heaven.

After creating and executing your Google search strategy, you must also make sure that your business has good reviews in Google map rankings, and websites like Yelp. If you do all that, you should be able to get clients, and grow your local buseinss.

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