Tap Into the Content Marketing Goldmine

Tap Into the Content Marketing Goldmine

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Everyone recognizes Coca Cola. Its image in your mind is likely accompanied by smiling faces. Clearly, Coca Cola’s marketing has been a slam-dunk success. Their advertising budget is larger than Apple and Microsoft combined, which is how they managed their successes. From their “Open Happiness” campaign to their “Taste the Feeling,” Coca Cola keeps investing in their image, to remain the most noticeable in the industry. In other words, great marketing uses expertly crafted words to create a brand image. Read on to learn more.

Market Your Way to Sales

Calvin Klein paid an approximate 2 million dollars for the Kardashians to shoot a #mycalvins ad. Why? Because the only way up the sales ladder is through climbing the social media ladder. One of the key ways to evaluate a brand today is by social media following. The truth is in the numbers of followers, likes and comments.

For instance, Kylie Jenner leverages the Kardashian family’s enormous fame to market her own company Kylie Cosmetics. Her company is now approaching a million dollars of revenue. The importance of content marketing continues grow stronger, and the emphasis must always be on quality content that delivers a targeted message.

Attention Grabbing

People’s attention span is more valuable than ever, with a world of entertainment vying for attention. It’s not enough to have a good product – that product needs to grab people’s attention. Think about the effort it takes to get a friend, or family member to focus their undivided attention to you. The only way for your brand to have a real chance of succeeding in pulling them away, without the physical hand-waving and phone-grabbing, is through creating top-notch content.

The proof is in the job market. Today, writing is a more viable career than ever before. Companies are buffing up their social media departments with media-savvy writers to crank out content that converts.

Copy That

The recognizability of the word “copy” says it all. It’s a mainstay in the business vernacular, because of how heavily it weighs on the business’ outcomes. Content that converts aka copy, defines whether a business prospers or fails. It may be challenging to draw a straight line between copy and sales. But over time, the correlation becomes clear. A company is only as strong as its copy. The success of Apple is a testament to this formula.

Social media is a gold mine. People are hunched over their phones twenty four hours a day ingesting all the surrounding content. Looking for ways to drill this goldmine? Find yourself a copywriter. Content marketing puts your brand on people’s minds. The right words give your company a voice and a personality that the masses come to love.

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