Ten Types Of Events That Hold Significant Benefits For Your Business

Ten Types Of Events That Hold Significant Benefits For Your Business

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If you’re looking to promote your brand, improve your business or boost employee morale, events are important. There are many different kinds of events companies can attend, and each can have benefits for your business.

Many events can be fantastic for marketing. You can advertise your business with booths or stalls at some functions. You may even be able to sell at some events, particularly public shows and fairs.

There are also many events designed for professionals. These give business members a chance to network and learn from others. Many feature talks and seminars which can help you run your business better. Here are some of the types of events which can benefit your business.

Trade Shows


A trade show allows companies to show off their latest products or advertise their services. It’s ideal for businesses to promote themselves and show what they have to offer.

Setting up a booth or stall at a trade show is an effective way to advertise your services. You may even want to give out free samples of your products, or free gifts. Sites like dynamicgift.co.nz can give you ideas for promotional gifts.

Trade shows are also a great networking event. If you attend one, be sure to interact with other business owners. Media will also be in attendance, giving you a perfect opportunity to generate some buzz around your business.

Job Fairs

It’s fairly obvious how job fairs can be beneficial to your business. These events are populated by people looking for exciting career opportunities. If you’re looking for motivated people to work at your business, take some information sheets and application forms. Websites like tidyforms.com can give you job application form templates.


Businesses can have exhibitions at festivals both small and large. You may want to find a festival related to your industry. For instance, wineries could exhibit their creations at a food and wine festival.

Festivals don’t necessarily have to be related to your business. Tech companies often show off new products at music festivals. While people are there for the music, they’ll often take notice if you have an interesting stall. It’s an excellent way to find new customers and build your brand.

Business Conferences


Conferences are educational events usually centered around a particular industry. They feature lectures and seminars from successful people in the sector. You can find conferences in your field on sites like allconferences.com. Attending can help you pick up tips for your own company.

For example, e-commerce business owners might want to attend an e-commerce conference. There are also general business conferences, for instance, ones about social media or human resources. You may even be able to speak at a conference if you have some valuable knowledge to share.

Product Launch Events

Businesses often hold product launch events to launch a new product or service. You may even want to host an event to launch your company. Restaurants often hold events when they open a chain in a new location. The goal is to get people interested in what you’re doing- so don’t be afraid to get creative with it.

You may want to invite customers to test out your new product. This way, you can get feedback or just get people interested enough to buy. You might also want to have refreshment and entertainments. You could even get a celebrity involved. Bookstores often have authors hold book signings when their book is released. This brings plenty of customers into the store.

Networking Events

Networking events can come in many forms. Many businesses host parties or dinners where peers and potential clients are invited for networking. One option is to rent out a venue and host an event with catering and entertainment. You could even do it on the cheap by hosting one in your office.

Figure out what kind of people you’d like to attract and invite them. It’s best to do this well in advance to give them notice. Events of this nature are useful for building up professional contacts, so make sure you talk to everyone. If you want some ideas for a networking event, perhaps try hosting a business mixer.

Sporting Events


There are a few ways a business can get involved with sporting events. Events at big sporting arenas might have business booths around the venue. Food stalls can often make a lot of profit by getting involved in a sports event.

Sponsoring a sporting event can get your business noticed by many people. Sponsor banners and logos are often displayed around sports arenas. You could also sponsor an athlete by giving them the funds they need to compete in return for promotion. Boxers and martial arts fighters often wear sponsor logos on their shorts. Football players have various companies on their kits.

It may cost too much to promote yourself at large-scale sports events. However, it’s easy to find a small local event your business can get involved with. Look around the internet on places like makeachamp.com to find an athlete or team to sponsor.

Charity Events

Charity events can be useful and entertaining at the same time. Many companies hold things like charity galas or golf tournaments. The goal is to get donations and raise money for a good cause. At the same time, it can be an excellent way to socialize and network with business peers.

Look for causes you’d like to support with your business. Many can give you ideas for fundraising events. Guests will often donate money towards the cause. It’s an excellent way to give to charity with your company.

Annual General Meeting

An AGM brings members of an organization together to discuss professional matters. It often includes a board of directors, CEOs, and shareholders. In some places, AGMs are legally required for incorporations and the public companies within them. You often present financial statements here and work on business agendas.

Office Parties


Many companies hold office parties for employees to relax and socialize with one another. They’re often held at Christmas and other big holidays. It can be beneficial for your business in numerous ways.

By interacting with each other in a social manner, your employees will build stronger bonds. This can often make them work better together. It also takes away from the stress and mundanity of daily work.

You can also use parties to show your employees how much you value them. Throwing a congratulatory party for an employee’s marriage or maternity leave can show you appreciate them.

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