Thinking Inside The Box: Using The iPhone 7 To Power Up Your Business

Thinking Inside The Box: Using The iPhone 7 To Power Up Your Business

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Advancements in technology have bolstered the opportunities for entrepreneurs in all industries. Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to find a company that couldn’t benefit from the features of modern tech. But while there is a whole host of different products on the market, it’s the seemingly humble iPhone that is one of the most influential.

It has now been a few weeks since Apple’s latest release hit the shelves. Millions of consumers have either snapped up the iPhone 7, or at least have it on their Christmas shopping lists. However, the true power of the device is best seen by business owners. With a world of different Apps at your disposal, you can quite literally transform your entire company with this one small device.

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The App Store is home to a whole host of different solutions aimed at businesses. The 1Tap receipts App is a particular favorite as it makes storing your receipts and tax assessment a far easier job. However, there are plenty of other options out there to help schedule workloads and communicate with teams. The best thing about this is that you can access the data on the go, meaning you’ll never waste a minute ever again.

Let’s face it; time is money, so this should come as a huge reward. But the Apple device isn’t just great for organizing business trips, sending emails, and managing your finances. It can also transform the way you actively conduct your business.

For many SMEs, trade shows and outside events are the perfect way to drum up new interest in the brand. However, one of the big problems is taking orders and completing sales. With credit card processing facilities, the iPhone 7 can essentially be turned into a mobile POS machine. Even if it’s used as a backup in your store, this is something that all entrepreneurs can appreciate.

At its core, though, the Apple iPhone 7 is a communication device. We all know that social media is a wonderful way to interact with customers. Meanwhile, Periscope and Snapchat videos can provide a sense of added insight that other media cannot offer. Again, it’s just another reason to make this powerful tool your new best friend.

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However, the communication isn’t all about your team or your customers. With LinkedIn and other networking Apps, you can start to create crucial links at the click of a few buttons. As you should already know, who you know is often as important as what you know. This guide on making the most of those platforms could have a huge impact on your entire venture. Do not underestimate its influence.

The iPhone 7 can be as active or as passive as you want it to be. For many, it’s simply an upgrade to ensure better communications for daily tasks. For others, though, it opens up a whole world of new opportunities. Either way, the power is quite literally in the power of your hands. Use it wisely, and your business will be in a far greater position to shine.

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