Thought On How To Establish Yourself As An Expert Using Facebook Marketing

Thought On How To Establish Yourself As An Expert Using Facebook Marketing

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In almost anything you do, you must position yourself as an expert in your niche. That goes for all social media marketing, your branding, and how you execute the operations of your business. Being seen as an expert in your niche helps you build trust from your potential clients. Consumers flock to people and businesses that are seen as one of the top brands or experts in their niche. And you must strive to create that perception about yourself in everything you do. Let’s focus on how possible or feasible that is to do on Facebook.

One of the things that stands out the most when people first come to your page is the number of people who like your business page or fan page. People who discover your page look at the number of likes on that page to help them determine whether it is a worthwhile page to explore further. If a page has 100,000 likes it looks far more impressive than a page with only a few hundred likes, and those new people who first came across your page will wonder what is so special about you that you have so many likes. That will get them to take a closer look, which is exactly what you want.

Beyond growing the number of likes, the strategy for establishing yourself as an expert varies greatly depending on the kind of business or project you have. If you are an entertainer, musician or some kind of a public figure, you certainly want to grow your audience and update them on what you are doing. But if you are a regular business, it is challenging to grow your business page because Facebook tends to kill engagement by only showing your updates to a small percentage of the people who have liked your page.

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