Thumb Candy: Tips For Marketing Your App

Thumb Candy: Tips For Marketing Your App

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Due to the sheer amount of money they can generate, or simply their strength as a marketing tool, more and more business owners are making plans to develop their own apps and take them to market. You may have a killer idea for a mobile app, but it’s important to remember it won’t get anywhere without great delivery. Here are my best tips on marketing your mobile app.

Have a Great Design

The greatest minds in marketing won’t be able to save you if your app doesn’t actually offer any value to your target market. The standards of app design are exceptionally high these days, and you need to make sure yours is up to scratch. You probably already know how old and tech savvy your ideal customer is. Next, you need to pin down a design that appeals to them perfectly. Do your research on similar apps that have enjoyed a lot of success. Then, get the whiteboard out, and set out some clear ideas about how you’re going to structure the whole thing, the features and imagery you’ll include, and so on. This will give you a good framework which you can then discuss with developers like .

Give it an Online Presence

Just like any other product, your app will need a dedicated online presence if you want to promote it as effectively as possible. If the app is intended as a revenue-generating product or service, you may even have to give it its own website. Usually, however, you’ll only want a section of your primary business site to showcase it with. It will need a landing page, including links to the App Store and Google Play where your customers can download it, or QR codes if appropriate. Regular blog posts, particularly in the run-up to the big launch, can also be a great auxiliary to the app. Keep it focussed on specific features you’re going to include, or even tutorials on how to do certain things if they’re needed. Promotional, clickable banners are also a good idea in that initial period where you’re trying to get everyone talking about your app. Exactly how much you do will depend heavily on the nature of the app, but make sure it has some online presence.

Listen to your Customers

Although there are some incredible apps on the market, as a whole it’s still a very young technology. Your first app is likely to have one or two bugs or issues that need to be ironed out if you want it to milk it for all it’s worth. When you first release your app, have someone checking on its relevant pages regularly, and paying close attention to customer feedback. This not only goes for Google Play and the App Store. You should set up a feedback form on the app itself, and somewhere on your website. Pay attention to any complaints which seem to pop up again and again, and make sure that these take priority whenever you’re tweaking things.

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