Treating Your Staff Right in 3 Simple Steps

Treating Your Staff Right in 3 Simple Steps

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Hiring staff is an exciting and scary time for just about any business owner. Making your first hire or two means you’re finally growing, finally getting your business off the ground and turning into the business you’ve always wanted to be. It means you’re building a strong team of people to help you to grow, and each bring something new and unique to the table.

However, you need to make sure you’re treating your staff right. Here are 3 simple steps to help:

Show Your Appreciation
Show your appreciation for the work your staff do on a regular basis. Get comfortable with praising them and telling them all about the great things they’ve done for the business lately. Sometimes, this is enough for them. You can find a number of different ways to praise your staff though, so don’t hesitate to get creative either.

Have An Open Door Policy
An open door policy makes your staff comfortable to come with you with any issues they may be experiencing. Don’t be the kind of boss that employees are afraid to speak to.

Get Your Hands Dirty
If you get your hands dirty, your employees are going to respect and relate to you much more. They’ll also likely want to work harder for you as they know you are just like them. They’ll develop a loyalty to you. All of these things are hard to do if you just sit in your fancy office wearing a suit.

Treat your staff right or they might turn out to be more of a nightmare than a dream.

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