Without Trust, Your Business Is a Bust

Without Trust, Your Business Is a Bust

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People worked hard for the money in their pocket. (Well, most of them, did, anyway.) So they don’t want to just hand it over to anyone, right? They want to make sure they’re giving their money to trustworthy businesses that will give them precisely what they paid for in a timely and satisfying manner. That means you need to work on ensuring that people can trust your business. Here are some quick tips




People are more cynical than ever these days. I’m all for a little bit of cynicism, but sometimes it doesn’t work well for new businesses. People assume that all businesses are cold-blooded, nearly robotic entities that only care about grabbing money from them. You don’t want to be seen as some faceless corporation – precisely because it makes people more apprehensive about contacting you, and thus doing business with you. Use social media and blog posts to make your business feel more fun and approachable – but remember to keep some levity, because if you just seem goofy, then no-one will want to give you money!




Increased exposure


People often wonder why marketing works. After all, most people who watch a Coke advert don’t suddenly crave a Coke, right? Well, a big part of it is simply getting the name of the business in your head. If you then come across that business in the future, you’ll remember having seen them advertised on a prominent platform. This makes the business seem more “legit” and trustworthy. Obviously, companies like Coke have long passed the need for this approach, but many other businesses increase marketing for this very reason.


Solid payment systems


If your payment system looks at all shifty, then people aren’t going to make any payments to you! Which is the right decision for them to make, by the way. No-one should use a payment system that doesn’t seem solid and trustworthy. So how do you ensure that your system is such a way? Well, ensuring that your website is using SSL to establish a secure connection that is visible to the person visiting the website via the green padlock next to the URL box. Additional measures such as an ID scanner can also help a lot.



Customer feedback

If there isn’t any customer feedback to be seen anywhere on the Internet, then people are going to be hesitant when it comes to working with your business. Getting testimonials from satisfied customers that you can host on your website is definitely a good idea. You may prefer to do this using video customer testimonials. If you can convince customers to get in front of a camera and praise your service, then this can be more effective than a block of text on your website that could have been written by just about anyone.

Ease of communication

If you don’t have contact details clearly placed on your website, then people may suspect that something odd is going on. Customers should be able to find your business address, your email address, and a business phone number without having to jump through any hoops.


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