YouTube advertising: How to advertise cheaply on YouTube and get many video views

YouTube advertising: How to advertise cheaply on YouTube and get many video views

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In this tutorial I explain how to advertise cheaply on YouTube, and get page views for your video in a legitimate way. I walk you through the steps of how to set up an advertising campaign for a YouTube video. It can be very cheap to advertise on YouTube because you can buy views for mere pennies per view, and get your message across to many people.

YouTube advertising can be one of the good strategies to get to a thousand or a few thousand page views. Some YouTube marketers say that a thousand page views is a magic number for YouTube videos because after that, the videos become a little bit stronger in YouTube search, naturally rank better, and get more views on their own. What YouTube advertising allows you to do is to get views very cheaply. Sometimes views cost as little as $0.01 per view. So to get hundreds or a thousand views isn’t expensive and can be accomplished relatively quickly. Of course, if you want it to happen very quickly, you should have a reasonable budget and bid higher on views. But even doing that won’t make the views much more expensive.

How To End YouTube Advertising Campaigns

YouTube advertising is easy to set up, and when you need to turn it off, it appears in the videos tab of your AdWords dashboard. This is the last important point to note: if you set the duration of the ads to run for many days, but they are not working, you can end your advertising campaign before the deadline you set. And that is done in your AdWords dashboard. Just navigate to the left side of the screen where it says video ads, and then pause the video ad campaigns that you no longer want to run.

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