The 10 Marketing Techniques You Need to Live By

The 10 Marketing Techniques You Need to Live By

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Starting and growing your business in the market today is not an easy thing to do, especially with the stiff levels of competition. To be successful, you need to establish a profitable niche across a definite demographic profile of customers. In addition to providing goods, products, and services, you need to incorporate the latest and most advanced advertising technologies which will help ensure your customers get to know more concerning your business. Marketing is, therefore, a crucial entity in your business that you should endeavor to emphasize and improve on from time to time. To kick-start your advertising and marketing needs, here are 10 important marketing techniques you need to live by in your business.


Establish a social media presence

Social media today has become one of the most important tools of marketing. The particular ability to target specific demographics as defined by gender, age, and geographical location enables you to increase the chances of achieving a return on investment in marketing your business. When thinking about establishing a social media presence, it is important to exercise certain practices such as regularly engaging your market with authentic, thoughtful, and regular posts that help generate momentum and frenzy across the market.


Marketing on Google


Google has become one of the essential marketing tools in our time, especially given the revolutionary ideas that the company has incorporated. Using Google as a marketing tool can be done in various ways; the primary of which is ensuring that your business has an online presence. Creating a website for your business or company gives Google users an opportunity to find and engage you on the kind of products and services you offer. Google has also created a revolutionary marketing idea called Google Adwords which gives you an opportunity to target specific customers with advertisement content whereby you only pay for successful marketing campaigns. You can learn more about Google Adwords and how it can successfully draw customers to your business.

Using affiliate programs

Affiliate programs have become a sensational way of marketing where you partner with affiliated businesses which would, in turn, find you the right customers. Establishing an affiliate program gives your business the opportunity to get exposure through partnerships. When appropriately used, affiliate programs can fuel tremendous growth in sales in your business.


Email and sequential marketing

Sequential marketing gives you an opportunity to directly target previous customers who have visited your store, either in person or through online platforms. This can be done by sending regular emails reminding such persons of new products, offers, and discounts that you may run from time to time. Email-based sequential marketing particularly comes in handy as it is free and may significantly boost your business as customers only need to click a link to visualize what your business has to offer.

Search engine optimization

Customers today are fond of utilizing the internet as the primary channel of finding out more regarding products and services. To give your business a boost that would ensure you benefit from such Google searches, it is important to consider optimizing your business’ online presence using the concept of search engine optimization. SEO has to do with creating suitable SEO content that contains keywords, great-quality, and friendliness as far as appearance is concerned. It also has to do with ensuring that you regularly publish SEO-worth content in your website or blog that increases the chances of customers getting to know more of you.

Branding and rebranding

Branding and rebranding often give you an opportunity to make a strong statement in regard to what you stand for and what your products are. Creating a brand extends beyond using brand colors and iconic logos. It includes creating a service chatter where customers can associate you with certain attributes such as fast and timely customer service.

In-person networking

Networking gives you an opportunity to meet potential clients and persons who may be of great benefit to your business in terms of sales. In-person networking requires you to travel within your locality where you can meet with people and spread the word regarding your business. When thinking about networking, it is important to also think of how you intend to establish links with other businesses from where you can buy goods and services cheaply. Such networking boosts your business’ ability to obtain new frontiers in marketing.


Marketing your business does not always have to be through paid advertisements on the media and online. You can also think about promoting your business in a certain locality by sponsoring certain social activities and contests. Such sponsorships give you an opportunity to publicize your business at a relatively low cost while increasing the chances of a certain market to absorb and accept your presence.


Incentive-based marketing

Incentive-based marketing gives you an opportunity to work with the already-existing customers to draw the attention of more customers in the market. You can think of creating incentives such as giving offers to customers who refer others to your goods and services. The incentive program can also be extended to your employees whereby they get tokens for bringing in more customers through word-of-mouth referrals.


Direct mail marketing

With more businesses targeting electronic channels of marketing, the concept of direct mail marketing has been ditched and is less preferred. Focusing on giving your business a boost using direct mail marketing can help you to establish a strong relationship with your customers. This opportunity can only be successful if you incorporate good levels of creativity starting with the envelopes and printing papers utilized as well as the message you incorporate in your letters. You can also make a difference by ensuring that you establish a direct bond with each customer in a way that they feel greatly appreciated and recognized.

In conclusion, marketing is the key driver of success in your business. When marketing your business, it is important to think outside the box and come up with revolutionary ideas on how to effectively gain the market’s confidence. Using online based marketing techniques such as maintaining an attractive website for your business can significantly boost the ability of potential customers to meet you online. Applying the above-outlined marketing tips is a sure way to successfully market your business.

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