3 Most important parts of your law firm’s SEO campaign

3 Most important parts of your law firm’s SEO campaign

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Many law firms vie for the attention of potential clients. So, you must create and implement credible steps for your SEO strategy to set yourself apart and rank higher in search engines. The secret to success in your law firm’s SEO campaign is to marry SEO strategies to website development — your target market will be able to find you easily.

Why SEO Campaign is important

Clients spend more hours consuming digital content a day. When they are in need of legal services, they head to Google instead of the Yellow Pages. They prefer to have their questions answered and learn about a law firm via online articles rather than ads. And they often search online via a mobile device.

Even the more reliable source of leads for lawyers have moved to online review platforms like Google, Facebook, and Nextdoor. 

The internet is an amazing equalizer. Even a small, crappy company can have the reach of a big powerful one. Your law firm’s SEO campaign, when planned and executed properly — will open many new doors for potential clients and revenue. 

Being adept with the most important parts of your law firm’s SEO campaign is what will separate you from the competition.

The following are the 3 most important parts of your law firm’s SEO campaign that are proven will drive traffic to your firm, generate business, and grow your practice.

1. Content Marketing

Potential clients turn to search engines, for example, Google, to find answers to specific questions — How will recent developments in privacy law affect my business? What does the fine print of this contract really mean? They enter questions directly into search engines for answers. This is where SEO begins. Will potential clients find your law firm’s website when they begin the search?

When potential clients search for information related to your firm’s services, you want your website to be one of the first results they see on the first page of Google. You will get more traffic, more leads, and more business when you engage a high ranking for key terms in your website content.

Through content marketing ideal practices, your law firm will improve its ranking for key terms and get your articles, practice areas pages, attorney bio pages, and client resources in front of the right audience.

Pair Key Terms with Great Content

One of the most important parts of your law firm’s SEO campaign is to pair key terms with great content. You should incorporate great content with key terms correctly into your website pages so that visitors will find them. The content should be worth finding. The key terms without compelling content is like having a flawless kitchen but without food to offer.

Great content paired with key terms will influence visitor behavior signals in your favor. User behavior signals— time spent on site, pages per visit, and bounce rate — are important factors that influence website rankings. 

2. Improve Your Law Firm’s SEO Campaign Based on Analysis

Look at the results you get from your law firm SEO strategy and improve the strategy based on those results. The ideal way to do this is to have a year-over-year comparison of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Over time, you would achieve incremental improvements in all your categories. You need to look at metrics and these metrics give context to your KPIs. However, avoid making decisions solely based on them. 

Metrics to look at include website traffic, rankings, social shares, brand mentions, and impressions. KPIs should drive your law firm’s digital marketing strategy. KPIs to consider include: leads, total new clients, lead-to-sale conversion rate, revenue, cost per lead, and return on marketing investment (ROMI).

You can recycle and repeat everything that’s working. But if you experience a decrease or not much improvement in one category, like web traffic — change up your strategy. 

3. Exploit Social Media to Your Advantage

Instagram has experienced the most dramatic growth recently. You can post real-life photos of your team, which makes your law firm more approachable and encourage clients to connect with you online. For example, you can post photos of the firm participating in charity events or team bonding activities. This also applies to other social media platforms like Facebook. Photos get more clicks and likes.

Provide content that interests, addresses your client’s questions, is well structured, and serve up this information on a fast, secure, optimized, and mobile-friendly website. Pair key terms with a thoughtful strategy in articles, guides, legal updates, and other types of content you write. Exploit social media to your advantage. With these tips, the top of the search results is the limit.

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