5 Benefits of Using Steel Pipe to Transport Fluids

5 Benefits of Using Steel Pipe to Transport Fluids

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There are a lot of different materials out there and ways to transport fluids from Point A to Point B. Steel piping has become very popular and for good reason.

As the industry continues to adapt to best practices, steel piping is becoming one of the most-used materials when building oilfield pipe.

Here’s our look at the benefits involved when using steel pipe.

1) No Corrosion


The number one problem that most companies have with their pipes is corrosion. This evil activity happens when whatever piping you’re using degrades from either ultraviolet light or soil issues.

The problem when using other metals is that they can start to rust rather quickly – meaning they’ll need upkeep much faster than steel pipe will.

Because steel is a rather rust-free material, you will gain a lot of value from not having to replace or keep up with maintenance issues.

2) Great Value


Steel pipes can last a long time. When you’re buying pipe, you need something that will last for your business for many years.

As mentioned, steel doesn’t have any corrosion issues and it is resistant to those chemical reactions that could cause corrosion, so you’re getting a strong material that you don’t have to worry about.

On top of that, your costs when installing and over the course of the pipes’ lifetime when maintaining it will be quite low.

3) Able To Do It All


Custom steel pipes can come in a variety of heights and sizes. As you get these pipes designed, you’ll find that they can fit any need you have.

As your project moves along, they can also be customized quite easily so you have an installation that won’t be troubled if needs change.

Steel is a very versatile metal that can have different metals added to it to enhance its properties if needed as well for a win-win.

4) Large Capacity


As you move along your project, you will find that steel can simply do more than other pipes out there. As you customize your pipe, you can fit it to meet your needs exactly and because its more affordable – you can get larger sizes for bigger projects without any concern.

5) Eco-Friendly


Businesses need to keep their eye on the environment, now more than ever – and steel piping is a great way to support the environment.

More than half of all steel throughout the US is recycled and that’s an excellent way to promote great eco-friendly practices.

When steel is recycled, you don’t give up any benefits related to strength or performance – meaning that you get the production you need while watching out for the planet’s bottom line.  With a public population that is becoming ever more vigilant about company’s ecological footprints, steel can help greatly in that department.

Wrap Up


Steel pipes have a lot of benefits that other materials don’t offer. When it comes to choosing a piping material, steel pipes give you a versatile, strong, and eco-friendly offering.

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