5 Platforms That Allow for a Seamless Bitcoin Purchasing Experience in 2019

5 Platforms That Allow for a Seamless Bitcoin Purchasing Experience in 2019

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The best seamless platforms to purchase bitcoin should be the most secure platform where the sellers are carefully selected and all transactions are closely monitored and protected. To many buyers, the ideal platform is the one that charges lesser fees or charges. According to expert reviews, the following are the most seamless bitcoin purchasing platform in 2019;

Xcoins.io is the Overall Best

There are many reasons why you should consider buying on www.xCoins.io, you can make payments through credit card and within a few minutes, your Bitcoins will be sent to your wallet. This is a verified bitcoin service provider with excellent encryption system for safety and security of all transactions. With online support, any payment dispute is resolved in no time.

Coinbase is Very Easy and Seamless

Coinbase can rival any Bitcoin purchasing platforms online right now. In addition to selling Bitcoin, you can also purchase other cryptos like Litecoin and Ethereum here. You can pay by bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards here. This site is intuitive because it comes with regular updates that enhance user experience and the security is always upgraded.

Robinhood is a Great Bitcoin Exchange Platform

In addition to providing a seamless platform to purchase Bitcoin, Robinhood can also serve as a wallet for storing your bitcoin, hence it is a great bargain for Bitcoin traders. It started first as a mobile platform before it incorporated the web trading platform, hence you can use it on your smartphone and desktop computer. Another reason you may want to use this platform is that the cost of exchange and storing your Bitcoin is free.

Exodus is the Best Intuitive Desktop Platform for Bitcoin Purchasing

An exodus is a software that you can install into your computer to purchase Bitcoin from all over the world. You can also make use of graphs and charts to predict the trend in the value of the Bitcoin. With this software, you don’t need to connect to the internet to purchase bitcoin, hence it is one of the most convenient and safe platforms for Bitcoin trading.

Mycelium is the Best Platform for Mobile Purchase

If you prefer buying Bitcoin on your mobile phone or any other mobile device, then you should consider Mycelium. It is available on both the Android and IOS mobile devices. Though it can be a little complicated for beginners, frequent usage will eventually enhance the navigation experience. This platform promotes anonymity and also keeps your Bitcoin in a wallet or storage.

In conclusion, there are many other amazing Bitcoin purchasing platforms worth considering, these include the blockchain, but many of these platforms have limited functionalities. You need to read more about the platform you intend using properly because not all Bitcoin purchasing platforms allow credit card payments. Though the more flexible payment options they offer, the better, you should at least confirm that your preferred payment and mode of transfer of Bitcoins purchased are transparent and well-secured. Transaction fees should be the last factor you should consider.

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