7 Most Secure Ways To Transport Valuable Items

7 Most Secure Ways To Transport Valuable Items

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Whether you are moving away or expecting a package from abroad, you will be worried about the state of your things. Value means various things to different people and it isn’t only related to price.

Humans bond with their things on an emotional level. This is known as sentimental value. Items defined in this way are deemed invaluable. Something someone considers old and outdated, you cherish and keep close to the heart.

Transporting these types of items can be nerve-wracking and worrisome. Losing something that means so much to you can be shattering. With that in mind, here are some useful tips for and about the transport of valuable things.


  • Choosing the company


Picking the right company which you can trust is the first step. These days it’s not hard to find a moving company, but checking its references will take some time. You will get the best recommendations from trusted sources like friends and family members. But if that fails, check the message boards and do your research thoroughly.

Take note of the prices and services they offer as well as the manner of transport, packing and insurance coverage. After you’ve decided on several movers, contact them and ask them to send you their offer. And that’s when you’re going to come to your final decision and choose the right company.


  • Make a list


Make a list of all your belongings, even the small ones. Categorise them by importance and define their value. This will help you decide what goes and what stays. After you’ve figured that out, it’s time to define the valuables and decide how they’ll be handled.

Write down on the margins all special instructions and conditions you have so you don’t forget anything. Responsible moving starts with a list, so take your time and review all the items in your home in order to ascertain their worth.


  • Packing


Packing is very important and not all items require the same treatment. For example, if you’re shipping sensitive items like paintings or glass, you should pack them in wooden crates with Styrofoam as the buffer. Moving companies will also offer to pack your belongings for an additional price, which is a much better option.

If you feel unsure whether to entrust this task to your movers, you can oversee the work and ask for specific changes. Also, you can highlight any special requirements and ask them to respect them to the letter. Another option is to hire a company specifically specialising in packing shipments and preparing them for transport, but that can cost a bit more.


  • Securing the cargo


Trucker companies and other means of transport will secure the packages. They will most probably use chains, ropes, cables and other securing measures. But if you’re doing the transport yourself, then you have to make sure that the things don’t fall off your vehicle or from it. There are several solutions to transport the items by car.

You can secure the items on the car’s roof with cables and packed in hard boxes. You also have to make sure that those inside the car are tightly secured. Make several stops to check whether everything is still securely packed. Avoid speeding to prevent unnecessary vibrations which can loosen the cables or cause packages to fall out of the car.


  • Declaring the value


When filling in forms you can state the value of the item. This means the actual market value and not the amount you deem fit. For example, if you’re transporting paintings, you have to hire an appraiser to declare an official value. They will issue the appraisal letter document with the estimated value of the item.

You can do this for every item you don’t know the price of and want to make sure that you’ll be fully compensated if the movers damage it.


  • Cross-border transport


If you’re moving abroad, then besides properly packing your things, you will have to prepare the required documentation. When it comes to valuable items, you will have to prove the ownership and declare them at customs. However, bureaucracy aside, you will also have to make sure that the package is appropriate.

Some trips may require changing several means of transport. For example, from truck to plane or boat. Knowing how the moving company is securing your valuables is one of the ways to make sure that everything is done by the book.

When you expect an item to get to you, the liability falls on the sender. For example, you’re looking to buy pianos in Sydney for your music school. The tension is high since it’s more than one instrument, which means that their value is significant. If something happens during the transport, however, it will be covered by the sender’s insurance coverage.  


  • Insurance


Most companies offer standard insurance coverage, which is enough for average shipments. However, valuable and invaluable items require additional coverage. This way you will make sure that you’re compensated for any damage or destruction.

Nevertheless, sentimental value is priceless, and there is no insurance coverage for that. If you’re transporting something invaluable, insurance will give you some sense of security that everything will be all right.

In the end

Shipping your belongings or transporting them yourself is not an easy task. It takes preparation, time and money to ensure that everything is in place for safe moving. However, the market is full of responsible and professional companies who can do it all for you and based on your instructions. So, instead of sweating over the security of your valuables, sit back and let the professionals do it.

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