8 Ways To Make Your Office A More Comfortable Place

8 Ways To Make Your Office A More Comfortable Place

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Even though it is a place of work and we all do it because we have to make a living, an office should still be comfortable. If the workers feel happy about the place where they spend most of their time, they will also be more productive. You could make a science out of this, but the key is truly in a couple of well-selected details.

Set the mood

A smart use of light and colors can help you set the right type of mood in your office. You want people to feel happy and energized in order to be more productive. This is why a gloomy office will not do. Choose the right colors to invigorate the working environment. A lot of offices choose bold modern neutrals such as grey and black, but these two can create a feeling of a rainy day. While these choices are truly great, they should only be used on accent walls, combined with white and brightly-colored accents. Combine them with orange to boost energy and social interaction and green to provide a happy relaxing atmosphere. When you get the colors right, you should let the light in. Maximize the use of natural light and boost it with white LED lights which can complement the natural light and replace it in the areas where it is scarce.


Ergonomy is by its definition meant to reduce discomfort by providing the most comfortable and functional design. It will keep your body in the right posture so as to reduce fatigue and pain. Some offices even opt for standing desks which are a good solution for those positions which do not spend their entire working day in front of the computer. The furniture should match the scale of the office, you do not want to feel lost in a half-empty big room or cramped in a small room with large pieces of furniture. Make sure that the design of the furniture flatters the rest of the office design, namely the style of walls and the colors you select.

Create a resting area

Being able to step away from work during their breaks, will be welcomed by your fellow co-workers. A lot of people need their five-minute breaks to get the steam out. They can use them to step into a lounge area where they can relax and have casual conversations with their colleagues. If you lack space, you can turn your kitchen into a, particularly inviting, resting point. This should be the place of color and it should have a personal touch. Perhaps a wall with photos of you and your co-workers having fun, or some other trade of personality. Make sure you keep it tasteful, however, as it is still a part of your place of work and it can be used as a waiting room for your clients. The best way of using it, however, is to hold semi-formal meetings and brainstorm in a comfortable environment.


Another good purpose of the lounge area is that it gets the noise of the chatter away from those trying to work. While informal conversations can get the edge of the strict working atmosphere, it may bother others and make them feel stressed. Also, those who spend a lot of time on the phone should have their privacy and quiet space where they do not have to try hard to hear what the person on the other side is saying because of the noise in the office around them.


Most offices are mixed-gender environments and since it has been proven that clutter increases cortisol levels in women and increase the level of stress, you should try your best to keep your office clutter free. While the clutter may not bother men as much, clean offices are simply nicer to look at, so the men may benefit from it as well. Also, tidiness is a sign of good organization. Knowing where the things you need are at a critical moment can help you feel more in control and thus more comfortable in space you are using.

Add greenery

Bringing nature indoors can also improve the mood. Not only that, but it will improve the air quality and relax the atmosphere. Creating an indoors garden would be a fantastic idea if you can afford it both financially and space-wise. If this is not the case, you will also benefit from potted plants and fresh flowers throughout the office. Be careful when letting nature in. Make sure that none of your workers have strong pollen allergies and choose only the plants which are not considered to be allergens. The same applies to the soil in the pots and what you may bring in with it. The design of the pots should also match the overall office design. They can be used as accents mentioned in the first paragraph which provide the bold colors.

Air quality

Even though you may not pay a lot of attention to this, air quality is an important factor for creating the sense of comfort. When visiting AC sales, do not just buy anything but make sure that you get the system which adheres to the prescribed guidelines applicable in your country, as ventilation is crucial. The indoor garden can raise humidity levels so this is also something to look out for. The temperature in the office should be at a level comfortable to most. This may be an issue for some offices and if this is the case, you should make it an option to have individual rooms cooled or heated separately. A fragrance is something not to be forgotten, mild natural scents are the most desired ones.

A comfortable workplace is easily achieved and it could make all the difference. Help to make the daily grind more enjoyable and create an atmosphere for a team of people eager to join their heads and skills to work on a mutual mission of making your business thrive.

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