Why App Store Search Is So Important

Why App Store Search Is So Important

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Most people understand that they need to have their app rank in app store searches, but don’t necessarily understand all the reasons why it is so important. Let’s quickly go over the core reasons why search is so important.

Whenever a person searches for anything, they tell the search engine two things. The first thing is their intent, and the second thing is that they want it at that exact moment. Consumers don’t just need certain items. They need them at a time they allocated to find that item. This is a tiny window of time, and if you rank in search, you are able to get in front of those consumers at the precise time when they need what you are selling. This makes the consumers who discover your app from search, far more likely to convert to users of your app, that people who discover your app via social media or other means.

Additionally, if you rank for certain search phrases that bring traffic, you will continue to get downloads from people searching for those phrases as long as you continue to rank. This can be months or years. As long as you keep ranking for various search terms, you will get consistent daily downloads. Other marketing strategies do not yield these kinds of results. If you get publicity, you will have a spike in downloads, but that spike will come back to normal levels within a matter of days, and you won’t get similar downloads until the next time you get publicity. A similar situation is true for many of the social media marketing techniques.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on other marketing strategies. In fact, over time you should explore all of them because many of them will go hand in hand with your app store search strategies. What I do, and what I recommend to others. Start with a focus on ASO (App Store Optimization) by figuring out what keywords you want to, and are able to rank for. Write a proper title and description that target those keywords. That puts you in a good position to eventually rank for the keywords you need to rank for. Once you do that, you can move on to other marketing strategies. But setting your app up to get the most from ASO is low hanging fruit that is typically one of the first things I try when I try to promote a mobile app.

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