Brilliantly Simple Business Plan For A Real Estate Brokerage!

Brilliantly Simple Business Plan For A Real Estate Brokerage!

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For many, a real estate brokerage is a great business idea. It offers an interesting way of making money and starting a company from the ground up. The secret to success lies within careful planning. So, I have a simple business plan that you should follow. Find out more, down below:

Settle On A Percentage

For a broker to make money, they have to take a percentage of every sale. This is very important, for multiple reasons. Obviously, the bigger the percentage, the more money you stand to earn from each sale. However, if you offer too big of a percentage, you might scare away some potential clients. The trick is settling on a percentage that keeps everyone happy. It’s small enough to make clients comfortable, and big enough to earn you a good cut. Spend time researching what other brokers are offering, so, you know the average percentage in the current market.

Find Contacts

A real estate brokerage can do a lot more than most people think. From the outside, it seems like you just lead people around houses and pocket the commission. But, a good brokerage will offer additional services. You can help buyers with house surveys and the legal issues when buying a home. To do this, you should generate some business contacts. Find yourself a surveyor and solicitor that will work alongside your business. Try and strike a deal whereby you help each other out. If you have clients that need houses surveyed, you send them to your contact. Similarly, if they have clients that need to sell a house, they send them your way. Everyone wins, and your business can start growing.

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Generate Leads

Finding leads is a massive part of your real estate broker business. Without any, you won’t be able to sell any properties. So, when a client comes looking for your help, you have to shrug your shoulders and say sorry, we can’t help. My advice is to look for real estate lead generation tools that help you get started. These will provide you with a list of people that are ideal for your desired properties. As such, you’ll find it a lot easier to sell your clients properties and make a lot of money in the process.


Every good real estate brokerage is built on solid advertising. You’ve probably walked past countless homes that have for sale signs outside them. What you notice is that they’re branded by the brokerage selling the house. The more you see these signs, the more you become aware of the real estate broker. So, your business has to advertise as much as it can too. This increases awareness of your company. Plus, it helps get your clients properties out there and seen. More people will notice your adverts, and you can gain more interest. As well as the classic signs, you should advertise online and in local newspapers.

Follow the steps in this plan if you want to get your company off the ground. Make no mistake about it, starting a real estate brokerage is hard work. There’s lots of competition, so, you must do what you can to stand out!

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