Buy Online Courses To Resell

Buy Online Courses To Resell

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If you want to start an online business selling courses, you have two options to get courses. You can either create courses on your own, which takes a significant amount of time, or you can buy online courses to resell, and start your course business right away.

We have created a network of top instructors whose courses we license, including our own, made by Alex Genadinik, who is a top 1% instructor in business and marketing courses.

To get the licensing process started, please email and let him know what types of courses you are interested in buying.

Buy online courses to resell

Buy Online Courses To Resell In Digital Marketing And Business

Alex Genadinik specializes in marketing courses ranging from SEO to social media, and everything in-between. He has social media courses on Facebook ads, Facebook organic marketing, Instagram marketing, TikTok marketing, Twitter marketing, and much more.

Alex’s business courses range from topics like starting a business to making money online to various business strategies, and building professional and productivity skills.

Please take a look at Alex’s courses on Udemy to see all the 130+ courses he offers.

Buy Online Courses To Resell In Programming And Technology

I also partnered with experienced instructors who teach programming and technology courses. They are Mark Lassoff and John Bura. They offer courses like Java programming, Python programming, JavaScript programming, game development, and mobile app development.

They also offer courses on workplace skills like using software such as Excel.

Especially Mark Lassoff is a very experienced and successful instructor who has been in Elearning for over 10 years.

Buy Online Courses To Resell In The Foreign Language Niche

We also partnered with Linguae courses. They offer foreign language courses like French, German, Korean, Italian, Japanese, and other languages.

The Linguae courses brand is a reputable brand that hires only the best foreign language instructors to create best-in-class courses. They also feature comprehensive courses that often exceed 15 hours in length so your students truly learn.

Learn More About How To Buy Online Courses To Resell

Here is a video explaining the process of acquiring the courses to resell on your site.

Buy Online Courses To Resell That Are Custom-Made For You

If after browsing the available libraries of courses you don’t find a course that fits your needs, I can create a custom course for your business. Of course, it is faster and cheaper to find a course you can buy from my existing library of courses, but custom course creation is certainly possible.

The price of custom course creation can cost a few thousand dollars per an original hour of instruction because creating courses from scratch can take a significant amount of manual labor for topic research, filming, editing, re-filming, and re-editing.

These Are The Highest-Quality, Top 1% Of Courses You Can Buy And Resell

The online course world is littered with courses made by inexperienced and non-expert, first-time instructors who make one or a few courses, and quit. To mitigate this glut of low-quality courses, I only resell courses made by top online instructors whose work I respect and can vouch for.

Additionally, when buyers mistakenly choose a slightly worse or outdated course, I proactively inform them about that and suggest an alternative course that is better. It’s important for me that people who buy online courses from me get a high-quality product that can help their business.

How The Process To Buy Online Courses To Resell Works

If you’d like to buy online courses to resell, the process is fairly simple. First, select the courses you would like to purchase from my list of courses and the lists of courses that belong to the instructors with whom I partner.

After you email me the list courses you chose, I’ll confirm the availability of those courses with my partner instructors and provide you a price quote.

After you and I agree on a price quote and you make the payment, the course content will be delivered within 24 business hours, after which you can upload the courses to your website and begin selling the courses to your clients.

Pricing To Buy Online Courses To Resell

1 course: $500 for lifetime license and updates.

5-100 courses: $400 per course for lifetime license and updates.

100 courses: $25,000 for lifetime license and updates.

Email Me To Buy Online Courses To Resell

Start the process by emailing my at

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