Cheap Flier Design And Printing

Cheap Flier Design And Printing

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design First, you must understand what your customers think when you give them your flier.

When you create your business, logo, website, and everything else, a large part of your motivation is to grow your own personal success, brand, and improve how you are seen by others. 99.9% of all people are generally most motivated by improving their own situations.

Understanding this, what do you think your customers care and think about when they come in contact with your flier or your business?

All your customers want to know is “what’s in it for me?” so when you create your flyers, create the flyers out of understanding that this is how people will approach your flyers. I’ll explain how to create your flyers in the next chapter, but for now just think about this.

Practical, Cheap Ways To Get Your Fliers Printed

You might wonder where to get your business cards actually designed and printed so I’ll cover a few options that you have.

If you want to do the design and printing online, I recommend a website called which is where I print my business cards and flyers. They have thousands of existing designs available that you can choose from. You can create the design and get it printed for you right on that site.

If you want to have a custom design, you can do that on VistaPrint as well, although it will be a little bit expensive. To get a cheap custom design, take look at where you can get business cards and flyers designed for you for as low as just $5.

Of course, as these strategies succeed for you and you will need to print more and more business cards, flyers and other printed marketing materials, you can approach local print shops to see whether they can work out a deal for a significant discount printing in bulk for you. The designs they can print can be the designs that you found on VistaPrint or got custom made on Fiverr.

Generally, the ultimate design is something that most people outsource because let’s face it, most of us are not designers. It is easy to get the flyers designed for you and printed. The challenging part is to have what’s printed on it resonate with people.

All My Resources For Your Flier Marketing

Here is my full tutorial on complete flier marketing. And here is my my discount coupon to get my full flier marketing course. The course has a few free preview lectures so check those out to see if you like it.

Flier marketing course coupon

Here is a list of all my Udemy online course discounts and coupons and the full list of my business books.

Designing The Flier With A Template: 4 Elements Of A Great Flier

There are 4 things that should be present in every effective flier. In coming sections of this chapter I will explain how exactly to create each of these sections for maximum effect and conversion. For now, let me just explain what each of those four elements is.

The most important element is your offer. It must excite people because by being so compelling that it grabs people’s attention, and gets them to stop in their tracks and take a look.

The second element of a well crafted flier is the photo. You should have one large and clear photo. The photo should communicate what the benefit of your business is, and inspire people to imagine how great it would be for them to get the benefits of your business.

The third element that every well crafted flier should have is the call to action. You must tell people to call or visit or engage with your business in whatever other way that makes sense.

The fourth element of a well crafted flier is the extra details section that expands on, supports and explains your main offer. Those details should drive the point home about how great it would be to get the benefits of your business.

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

AIDA is an acronym that stands for: Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.

AIDA is an age-old sales method. After I explain it to you, it should influence everything you do in your sales for the rest of your career. It is that powerful once you fully master it. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to master.

To honestly share with you my own experience with AIDA, when I first learned about it, it took me only a few minutes to understand it, and I thought that I fully got it. But looking back at it, it takes a lifetime to master. It ultimately took me a long time to become truly good with AIDA. But as you get better and better with it, you will notice how much stronger your sales become and how much better you will be able to convert leads to actual sales. Now that I’ve given you this little bit of background, let me explain what AIDA actually is, how it works, and how it will be extremely relevant to your flier marketing.

The first element is AIDA is the A which stands for attention. In the real world, what grabs people’s attention is the headline of whatever ad you are creating. In the case of flyers, the A or the headline is the offer on your flier. The offer must be so good that it stops people in their tracks. If the offer is mediocre most people won’t take too much of an interest.

The next part of AIDA is the I which stands for interest. Once you have people’s attention with your headline, that attention will only last a few seconds unless you build on it. The way you build people’s interest in your flier is with your photo and the extra offer details that you add below the offer.

The next part of AIDA is D which stands for desire. This is crucial. People’s interest must turn from theoretical and vague interest to true emotional desire for whatever it is that you are offering. After grabbing people’s attention, building an emotional desire in them is probably the second most crucial element of your sales. In fact, after you master headline writing, the element of AIDA with the most depth which truly takes a lifetime to master is the process of turning people’s interest into a true emotional desire.

After people’s emotions are involved and they truly desire your product, they will do the rest of the work for you by convincing themselves just how much they need whatever it is that you are selling.

Once you really get people to desire your product, the last part of AIDA is the last A which stands for action. You must get them to take action, which is to buy something or call your business or sign up for something in some way, whatever that may be for your particular business.

Now that you understand AIDA, always apply it to anything you are selling.

Now we are ready to walk through the elements of a successful flier in more detail, with AIDA in mind.

How To Create An Amazing Offer (the A in AIDA)

Your offer is the A of AIDA, and it must grab attention. Creating a great offer is easy in theory. If you offer something for free or at an incredible discount, people will flock to your unbelievable offer in droves.

The problem with doing such an offer is that it will lose you a significant amount of money.

The key to being able to realistically give such a great offer is to be able to make a significant amount of money on average per each person that takes you up on that offer.

For example, if you are promoting a gym, you can give away a pretty significant free membership trial just to get people to take you up on that offer. Most gyms give one free class to try for free, but what if you gave away 10 classes or 10 free days? That would certainly get people’s attention much more. Using the same gym example, if you significantly reduced initiation fees much more than people typically expect, that would also get people’s attention.

The trick is that if a person signs up, some people might remain members for many years, which would get you thousands upon thousands of dollars from them. And if they love your gym they might also get personal training, buy some of your gear and workout clothes, and even make you more than $10,000 over the lifetime of their membership.

By getting their attention, you increase the chance of that $10,000 client happening vs. not happening.

So whatever business you have, you must refine and improve your long-term customer strategy and make sure that you can make a significant amount of money per customer. Once you have a large LTV (lifetime customer value) you can make your attention grabbing headlines more and more attractive, while still being profitable and sustainable long-term.

So if you own a gym, you must get people to remain members for a long time. If you own a restaurant, you must get people to order or visit from you many times. If you own a cleaning or a gardening business, you must get people to use your business on a regular basis. For almost all kinds of businesses, what this really boils down to is simply making sure that you provide a consistently great service at a fair price. That will get many people to become long-term customers, which will enable you to give more attractive offers to get people’s attention.

Additional tips to write more attention-grabbing headlines involve using words like FREE or giving a x% OFF (some percent off) discount or $x OFF (some amount of dollars off) discount. Try to also use numbers in your headlines. That gets more attention too.

What kind of a photo to choose

The photo you choose for your flier should help people build their interest in your business, and the image in the photo should get people to begin imagining themselves getting the benefits of whatever it is that your business offers, and how much better their life will be after getting what your business offers. This will help to transition them to true desire for your product after they truly imagine themselves getting all those amazing benefits, and how much better their lives would be after getting the benefits of your business vs. not getting those benefits.

The photo must inspire their imagination.

Extra Information And Details (I and D of AIDA Together With The Photo)

Under your headline offer, you should also have a few (maybe three) bullet points that further expand on your big headline offer. Use those extra details to list 3 benefits and not features of your product or service. This will work together with the image that you choose to get people to imagine having those benefits in their lives, and begin to desire those benefits.

Together, these extra product benefit details and the photo are your I and D (building of interest and desire) of AIDA.

For example, if you are promoting a gym, some of those benefits might be things like quickly losing weight, looking better, wearing an attractive bathing suit on the beach, or many other common benefits that a gym ultimately offers. Those benefits have been promised to us by people for decades because they work to get people imagining and desiring to be like the people in the pictures.

Call To Action (the last A of AIDA)

After people desire your product or service, you must make sure to close the deal and get those people into the doors of your business. You do that with an effective call to action which is the last A of AIDA, and the fourth element of a successful flier.

To make your call to action more effective you can add urgency to it by either limiting the total number of products available in that offer or the time during which the offer on the flier is valid.

For example, you can urge people to call this weekend (or week or month) because the offer expires after that. Or you can say that only x number of people get the offer, and they get it on a first-come-first-serve basis. These kinds of things are designed to get people to act on the offer instead of filing it away and forgetting about it.

How Not To Design Your Fliers

Do you remember the section of the book that talked about what your customers are thinking? Remember how all your customers care about is what’s in it for them?

Whatever isn’t for them, don’t add that to your flier. For example, do you think they care about your logo? They don’t really care. Do you think they care a whole lot about you? I am sorry to say that they don’t. You are a feature of the product or service, but you are certainly not a benefit. They will care about you a little bit later in the sales process, but they don’t care about you when looking at the flier.

So don’t add your logo or too many details about you or your credentials just yet. Instead, add what you can do for them, and the benefits you will give them. Try to take out all the unnecessary information from the flier because it will just create clutter and confusion. And every little bit of increase of clutter and confusion in the flier will decrease its effectiveness.

Your customers will never tell you why they didn’t call you and why they didn’t engage with your business. They will ignore you in silence. So you must be proactive in understanding the reasons why they might not engage, and not make those mistakes.

Additional Offline Marketing Strategies

If you are interested in promoting your business offline, there are a number of offline marketing strategies that are available to you.

You can do event marketing and promote your business with events. You can do business card marketing. You can also improve your word of mouth marketing and even marketing on Craigslist or do door to door sales and marketing.

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