App store keyword research tutorial for ASO (SEO) in Apple App Store And Google Play

App store keyword research tutorial for ASO (SEO) in Apple App Store And Google Play

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In this tutorial I discuss the difference between mobile app ASO keyword research and Google SEO keyword research.

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The core difference is that with Google SEO (search engine optimization) you get to target more keywords because you can make an unlimited number of pages, with each page targeting a different keyword. Some websites have hundreds of thousands of such pages. Unfortunately, with mobile app store ASO (app store optimization), you only get one landing page which is your app listing page, which means that you only get a few keywords that you can target in hopes of ranking for them in the app stores.

The problem is that since all apps are stuck targeting just a narrow set of keywords. There is a bottleneck of competition for the best keywords. So when you do your keyword research, you must give a lot of consideration to what kinds of keywords your app will be able to compete with. For example, if your app is in the photo space, will it really be able to rank for “photo app” next to Instagram and other million dollar photo apps? Chances are that the answer is no. So you must find secondary keywords which are not as competitive. Those keywords won’t bring you as much traffic and downloads, but at least you will be able to get some downloads, and grow your app from there.

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